How to Check the Number of Days Remaining on your DSTV Subscription

Check the Number of Days Remaining on your DSTV Subscription

Before DSTV starts sending you notices reminding you that your subscription is almost due for renewal, you may wish to check the number of days remaining on your DSTV subscriptions. That is particularly pertinent for Zimbabweans, who now have to scrounge around for Forex to settle their accounts. So, how do you check the number … Read more

How to Change your DSTV Package

how to change a DSTV package

How to change your DSTV Bouquet Whether you are in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria or any other African country, chances are high that if you have Digital Satellite Television in your home, it is DSTV. Though there have, over the past few years, been a countless number of pretenders, none have made a dent as … Read more

How to Pay DSTV Zimbabwe in South Africa

have people in South Africa make DSTV payments on your behalf

That Zimbabweans love DSTV is hardly in question. Though many a pretender have come, none were able to make a dent on the market share that DSTV has in the country. Kwese TV, that much hyped product from Econet, was the most serious of these threats. However, for reasons that may not entirely have to … Read more

How to make DSTV Payments Online

how to make DSTV payments online

Whether you are in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda or Botswana or any other African country, making your DSTV payments doesn’t need to be a hassle. Indeed, Multichoice has simplified life for you by making it possible to make DSTV payments online. Instead of visiting your nearest DSTV outlet, now you can make all your payments … Read more

How to pay DSTV for Someone Else

pay DSTV for someone else

Making DSTV payments can be a challenge, particularly if you are in a country like Zimbabwe, where the currency crisis has turned the whole thing into a veritable feat.A while back, a friend of mine asked me to make his DSTV payments on his behalf. He was in his rural home in Chinhoyi and I … Read more

What Happens to Recorded Shows when you Downgrade your DSTV Subscription?

Recorded Shows when you Downgrade your DSTV

Can you watch recorded content after missing DSTV subscription payments? This is really an interesting question that many have asked at one point or the other. Say you have a DSTV Explora and have been subscribing to the DSTV Premium or Compact bouquets. These are the bouquets for which DSTV offers the PVR functionality. Now, … Read more

What is DSTV Now?

DSTV Now is available on android and iOS device

DSTV is the most popular provider of Digital Satellite Television services in the Southern African region. Indeed, some would say it is the only provider of such services in the region. Pretenders have come and gone, yet DSTV remains the only force to reckon with in the region. You may have heard that DSTV offers … Read more

How to Pay DSTV using ECOCASH 2020

pay DSTV using Ecocash

Update 2020: If you are looking to pay DSTV using ECOCASH, the good news is that you can do so using the ECOCASH FCA Wallet. What you need to do is to first deposit money into your ECOCASH FCA Wallet. Make sure that you deposit enough for the DSTV bouquet to which you wish to … Read more

What’s the Data Usage for DSTV Now?

DSTV Now data usage

DSTV recommends that you only use DSTV Now if you have an unlimited data plan on your mobile device or if you are connected to unlimited WiFi. And that’s for good reason! Streaming live shows and other programs is obviously going to consume a lot of data. So, how much data do you use when … Read more

Do you pay Extra for the DSTV Explora

pay extra for the dstv explora

The Explora is the current flagship for DSTV. If you have recently purchased one, you may be wondering whether or not you will be required to pay something extra for using the decoder on a monthly basis. The latest version of the Explora is the DSTV Explora 3 which, all things considered, is not that … Read more