Defining Our Privacy Policy

Network Bees is committed to the protection of the privacy of everyone who visits the website This Privacy Policy explains how personal information is collected from visitors to this website, how it is stored and how it is used. Network Bees undertakes to protect all collected personal information in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act of 1974, the E-Government Act of 2002, and the Federal Records Act in the United States.

  1. Which information is collected from visitors to our site?

Unless you expressly give it to us, Network Bees will not, in any way, collect personal information from you when you visit our website, However, we do automatically collect technical and behavioral data during your visit.

  1. How we gather data from visitors to our site

There are a number of ways through which our website collects data from visitors;

  • Our site provides visitors with forms, which they can use to sign up for one or more of the services that we provide. Network Bees gathers personal data from visitors using this method, including first names, last names, email addresses, countries of residence, physical addresses and other personal information.
  • All payments for paid subscriptions services are made through trusted third parties, such as PayPal and Payoneer, and are not handled by Network Bees.
  • We also gather personal information, including names and email address, when people get in touch with us using email or through the Contact Us section of the website,
  • Our website uses cookies, which gather some technical data from visitors’ computers. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more information.
  • Each time that you visit the Network Bees website, technical information is automatically collected. This includes data about your IP address, the type and configuration of your browser, the device that you are using to browse through our site and your Operation System.
  • We also collect behavioral data concerning your visit, the pages on our site that you visit and the amount of time that you spend in each section and on our website. Our system also automatically logs any technical errors that may have occurred during your visit.
  1. How we use the data that is collected

Network Bees uses the data that is gathered through the website in the following ways;

  • To provide you with the products and/ services that you would have signed up for. Examples are newsletters and eBooks.
  • Network Bees may also, from time to time, use the contact information that you leave with us through our site to get in touch with you with marketing and other offers that we think may be of interest to you.
  • The technical data that we collect is used to make improvements on our website,  in terms of service delivery.
  • The information that out website collects using cookies is used to enhance your interaction with the site, by enabling you to sign in to your selected services without having to constantly re-enter your personal details. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more information.
  1. Our Cookie Policy
  • Visitors to the Network Bees Website should note that the site uses third party vendors, including Google, to serve ads. These ads are based on previous visits to our website as well as visits that have been made to other websites across the World Wide Web.
  • The use of advertising cookies by Google enables it, along with its partners, to serve ads to visitors to the Network Bees website that are based on visits to this site and to other sides across the internet.
  • Should you prefer not to have ads from Google and its partners delivered to your browser, you can do so through Ads Settings.
  • You can also visit should you prefer to opt out of the use of cookies for personalized ads delivery by some third party vendors.
  1. Passwords

Some of the services that are available on the Network Bees website are only accessible to subscribers using passwords.  Where we ask you to choose a password, or where we provide you with one, you undertake that this will not be disclosed to anyone else. Network Bees shall accept no liability for any losses that may occur should you, in any way, lose your password.

  1. Data Storage

The data that is collected through the Network Bees website may be transferred to, stored and processed outside the United States. We, however, take the utmost of cares to ensure that the information that you submit to us through our site is stored in a safe and secure way. However, cognizance should be taken to the fact that the internet is not, in any way, completely secure. Submitting your personal information therefore means that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and that you agree that your information may be stored outside the jurisdiction of the United States, and that there is always a risk that it will be lost. Should you not in any way, agree with these agreements, you should immediately stop your interaction with this website.

  1. Data Sharing

As Network Bees, we undertake to take the utmost of cares of the personal information that you leave with us through our website However, you should be aware of the fact that;

  • The information that you leave with us may be transmitted and shared within Network Bees and its subsidiaries.
  • Should Network Bees ever be sold, merged or enter into partnership with any other firm, the company reserves the right to sell the data that has been collected through our website as part of the company’s assets.
  • We may also be forced to disclose and share the information as part of legal proceedings that involve us or third parties.
  • Should you ask us to do so, we may pass the information to enable third parties to get in touch with you.
  • Despite the fact that we do not share personal data, general information about our website’s traffic patterns and sales may be disclosed to investors, advertisers and other interested third parties.
  1. Links to Other Websites

The Network Bees website contains links to other websites. We do not, in any way, control what happens at these linked to sites. Neither do we, unless we expressly say so, endorse the products and services that are offered by these other sites. You should take the time to, once you connect to any site  through a link that is on our site, take the time to read the linked site’s Privacy Policy.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Network Bees uses affiliate marketing to generate income through its website, While care is taken to make sure that only honest endorsements and reviews are make, we shall not, in any way, accept liability should you suffer prejudice by following one or more of the recommendations that we make. In any case, you should carry out further research before signing up for the purchase of any product or service through our website.

  1. Telephone calls

Telephone calls that are made to and from Network Bees may be recorded. The recordings may be released as part of properly instituted legal proceedings.

  1. Acceptance of Privacy Policy

By continuing to browse through the website,, you agree that you have read, understood, and are in full agreement with our Privacy Policy. Should you, in any way, disagree with any part of it, you should immediately stop any interaction with the site.

  1. Our contact details

Should you desire to leave feedback and for clarification on how personal data is collected, stored and processed on the Network Bees website, feel free to contact us on the following email addresses;

You can also get in touch with us through out Contact Us Page. For the Terms and Conditions of using out website, please refer to the relevant page. You can also read our Disclaimer, for more on how we operate.