DSTV Now not Showing Channels

DSTV Now is easy to get addicted to. Instead of being stuck in your living room when it comes to television, DSTV Now gives your the freedom to watch all your favorite movies and programs on the go. With DSTV Now, you can enjoy your shows using your laptop or on your desktop. You can also stream live TV on your mobile phone or on your tablet. But sometimes, you may find that your DSTV Now is not showing channels? What could be the cause and what do you do then?

What to do if there are no shows on your DSTV Now

If you find that your DSTV Now is not showing channels, either on a desktop computer or on a mobile device, the following are the steps to take to resolve the issue;

  1. First, ensure that the email address/cell number on Connect is the same email address/Cell number that you are trying to use to sign into DSTV Now.
  2. Next, check to see if you are having problems on only one or on multiple devices. If you were using DSTV Now on a computer, as an example, you can try to log in using Android to see if you will encounter the same issues.
  3. Another possible solution is to log out and in of DSTV now. This works for both the app and for the browser. That’s the solution that usually works for most people.
  4. You can also clear the cache on your browser. Below are the steps to clear cache on Chrome.
  5. Yet another solution to the DSTV Now not showing all channels issue is to try to log in using another browser. Here is an article on the best browser for DSTV Now.
  6. If you are accessing DSTV Now on a mobile device, you can also try to solve this issue by uninstalling the DSTV Now app from your device. Redownload the app and sign in one more time. That’s another good solution to the DSTV Now not showing channels issue.
  7. If everything that we have mentioned here fails to work, you will have to reach out to DSTV to get help. If you are in South Africa, check them out on Twitter. For Zimbabwe, here is their Twitter page. They are usually very responsive on this platform.

Why are your DSTV Now channels not showing?

There are a number of possible reasons why your DSTV Now channels are not showing. Is your DSTV account paid up? If not, this could be the reason why your DSTV Now has no shows. You only get channels if you have paid up your account. The moment you stop, you will lose your channels.

Have you linked your DSTV Account to DSTV Now? Most people make the mistake of thinking they will automatically get DSTV shows the moment they create DSTV accounts. However, that is not the case. You actually need to link your DSTV Account to DSTV Now in order for your channels to show.

How to clear the cache on a Chrome Browser

Clear the cache on your browser to solve DSTV Now issues

We noted that one of the possible solutions to the DSTV Now not showing channels issue is to clear the cache on your browser. Most people use Chrome as their browser. The following is how to clear the cache on your browser;

  • To the top right or your Chrome browser, click on the three dots (the kebab menu).
  • Next, hover your cursor on More tools.
  • Next, click on Clear browsing data.
  • Choose All time under Time range.
  • Next, click on Clear data.
  • Now log into DSTV Now one more time.

Is your account paid up?

This may seem obvious, but , you will also need to make sure that your account is paid up. If you are sure that you have settled your monthly subscription, you also need to make sure that your have linked your DSTV to DSTV Now. That’s the only way that you are going to get anything other than the weather channel. These are the only two reasons why you would have DSTV Now channels not available.

25 thoughts on “DSTV Now not Showing Channels”

  1. Hi, can you please help. All our channels are working on the DStv app on our tv but not 145?
    We have uninstalled the app, reset the tv ect but still not working. Please help! Thank you

  2. Hi, the dstv now app only shows a few channels on multiple devices. I’m using 2 mobile phones and 2 smart TVs with the dstv now app on them. On my decoder I have no problems accessing all the channels but it has gone missing on all my devices. I’ve reinstalled them but still no change. Has DSTV dropped the amount of channels available on dstv now?

  3. On my TV the app is working fine, to an extent.
    All the channels are showing and playing, except 206 it just plays and loads and continues doing that no matter what I try.

    And the on my mobile device it’s showing only three channels under sport and like a total of 10 channels. It’s not showing any of the channels that are supposed to a part of the compact streaming package.

  4. Hi the app shows all channels on my tv box but when i want to whatch a channel it just gives a black screen this happened on wednesday and i cant whatch anything since then

  5. My DSTV Now has stopped streaming on my LG Smart TV. I get to the DSTV menu but when I select a channel to watch the screen goes black and an error message comes up…. “Something went wrong Please try again later”
    Any idea how to fix this?

  6. Pls my DStv has been saying no signal, that it is due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation. Pls how can I handle it with my remote?

    • That’s usually because of the weather. If the weather is clear, unplug it from the socket and wait a minute before restarting it. You can also long press on the power button on the decoder to restart it.

  7. Good day. I subscribed to the Dstv Premium streaming pakage yesterday. I have installed the dstv now app ons my 2 android tv’s and my phone and wife’s phone. Al 4 devices is registered. The problem is, al 4 of them is only showing 9 channels in total. I have logged out and in on al devices, uninstalled and installed again without no success. I phoned in to dstv with no straight answers and the live chat platform is useless. What must I do now, rather cancel my subscribtion and ask my R699 back?


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