Can you Download DSTV Now on Laptop?

DSTV Now is a must have for DSTV subscribers who are looking to extend viewing to their mobile devices. If you have an unlimited or respectably limited data plan, then there is really no reason for your not to get DSTV Now. Most people want to know whether or not it’s possible to download DSTV Now on a laptop or on a PC. The answer is a bit complicated, which is perhaps surprising. Thousands of search queries are made every month, and one would have expected DSTV to, by now have addressed the issue. In this article, I answer all your questions with regard to the DSTV Now App for laptop.

Is there a DSTV Now app for laptop?

No, there is no DSTV Now App for laptop. Ordinarily, people who use DSTV Now on their laptops do so through their browsers. This is clearly the method that DSTV want’s you to access DSTV Now. In the majority of case, accessing DSTV Now via your browser is no problem. It’s what most people do.

DSTV Now via browser does not allow downloads

However, this method does have one disadvantage. You cannot download shows and movies when accessing DSTV Now via your browser. That, perhaps, is the major reason why people out there look for the DSTV Now app for laptop free download.

Downloads are only available when using the DSTV Now App

Now, most people have the experience of accessing DSTV Now using their Android and iOS devices. If you are on your tablet or on your smartphone, as an example, you can download your favorite shows, movies and sports using the DSTV Now app. That is the same kind of experience that people look for when it comes to DSTV Now for laptop. It’s why they look for information on how to download DSTV now on laptop. But, can you really not download DSTV now on laptop?

How to install DSTV now on laptop

As is the case with everything else, there is a workaround for those that are determined to really install DSTV now on their laptops. The workaround may not be pretty, particularly if you have a clunky, old laptop, but it works. So, what do you do to install the DSTV Now app on your laptop? To do so, you need to take the following steps;

  • Download and install an Android Emulator on your laptop.
  • While in your emulator, Download and Install the DSTV Now Android App
  • Access DSTV Now using the app via your emulator.
  • Now you can download your favorite shows.

What’s an Android Emulator

An emulator essentially mimics a mobile phone on your laptop or computer. Once you have it up and running, it allows you to access apps that would otherwise not be accessible without the use of an Android device. So, once you have installed one on your laptop, you will be accessing DSTV Now as if you are doing so from your Android phone. The following are some of the best known Android emulators;

  • Xenia
  • NoxPlayer
  • Dolphin
  • BlueStacks

That’s how to carry out the DSTV now app download for laptop

That’s it! This workaround is how you download the DSTV now app for laptop. Personally, I find that Android emulators are a bit too much for my ancient laptop. They slow it down considerably, so I prefer watching my DSTV Now movies and shows directly using my browser.

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