Can I Download Movies and Shows Using DSTV Now?

One of the great things about DSTV Now is that it allows you to connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Let’s say, as an example, that you are the typical household that has Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son and Maid. Now, most people may discount Maid from the equation, but there can be no doubt that she is the one that enjoys DSTV more than anybody else. Imagine all those hours that she has free reign over the house while everybody else is either at work or at school! Now, most households only have one television. Unfortunately, our interests, no matter how much we love one another, tend to be divergent when it comes to television. There have probably been countless divorces that were triggered by DSTV out there. And if kids could divorce their parents, most DSTV owning households would be childless right now. Anyway, this article is about DSTV now and whether or not it’s possible to download shows onto your mobile device.

DSTV Now Resolves Conflict Around the Home

The answer to the above mentioned scenario is DSTV Now. As already noted, DSTV Now allows you to connect up to five devices under one account. Everybody has a smartphone, right, including Maid? Now, before you all start fighting over which show to watch, you can simply connect your phones, laptops or computers to DSTV Now. This allows everyone within the household to watch their favorite shows at once, leaving Toddler to enjoy her cartoons on the 60 inch main television.

Yes, you can Download Shows Onto your Mobile Device Using DSTV Now

The good news is that you do not need to watch everything live when it comes to DSTV Now. You can download your movies, series and sports onto your smartphone or tablet for later viewing. Downloading your favorite shows using DSTV Now is easy.

How to Download Shows onto a Smartphone or Tablet using DSTV Now

To download your favorite shows onto your phone or tablet using DSTV Now, all that you need to do is the following;

  • Download and install DSTV Now onto your mobile Device.
  • Open the DSTV Now App on your Mobile Device.
  • If not already registered, register for DSTV Now.
  • Link your DSTV Now account to your DSTV Account. Now all the shows for your bouquet will be available.
  • Next, you need to go to “Catch Up.” On a tablet device, it will be at bottom on the Home screen.
  • In Catch Up, go to “Movies,” if you want to download a movie. You can also go to “TV Shows,” “Kids” and “Sports.”
  • Click on the movie or show that you wish to download.
  • Next, click on the Download button. It’s the cloud like button with the arrow pointing downwards.
  • Choose the resolution that you want for your download.
  • Your movie or show will now start downloading onto your Android or other mobile device.

How long will the downloaded shows remain on my phone?

The shows that you download via DSTV Now have different times that they will remain on your mobile device. You can come across some movies and shows that remain unexpired for up to 6 months. Others, however, expire after only a little while. Note, however, that the moment you begin watching a movie that you downloaded onto your phone or tablet using DSTV Now, that movie or show will expire within 48 hours.

How many items can I download onto my phone using DSTV now?

The good news is that you can download up to 25 items onto your mobile device using the DSTV Now app. These downloads are not limited to movies, but can include series, kids shows and sports.

Is this facility available on computers?

Unfortunately, the facility to download movies using DSTV Now does not appear to be available on computers. The option is only available when using the DSTV Now app. It’s now available when you are watching DSTV Now using your browser.

You need lot’s of bandwidth

DSTV Now only works great if you have enough data to make your downloads and watch live TV. Otherwise, you are going to be in for some frustration. You can check out our other article on the amount of data that is used up by DSTV Now. The option to download movies and shows onto mobile devices using DSTV Now is actually the best. You can download whatever it is that you need to watch and you know exactly how much data you are going to be using. That is unlike live television where data consumption tends to be a little bit harder to manage.

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