DSTV Catch Up Not Working 2021

Are you having problems with your DSTV Catch Up? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article explores the reasons why you could end up having your DSTV Catch Up not working. The article also looks at solutions to DSTV Catch Up problems. DSTV Catch Up is, without doubt, a great way through which you can stay abreast with your favorite shows. But what is it really? And what are the most common Catch Up issues and solutions?

Update: What to do if your DSTV Catchup is not working

We reached out to DSTV and based on the information that they provided, the following is what to do in the event that your DSTV Catchup is not working, either on DSTV Now or on the DSTV Explora decoder;

  1. The first solution involves performing a soft reboot of your decoder. This applies to those having issues with DSTV Catchup on their Explora 3, Explora 3a, Explora Ultra and on other PVR decoders. To do a soft reboot, press and hold the power button on your remote for 5 seconds before letting go. The decoder will rescan. That usually resolves the issue.
  2. A hard reboot is another possible solution to the DSTV Catchup not working issue. Try this option if the first solution given here does not work. To perform a hard reboot on a DSTV decoder, you need to first remove the smartcard from the device. Switch off the decoder from the main plug and unscrew the LNB Cables. Wait a few minutes (approximately 2-3 minutes) then screw back the LNB cables. Finally, switch the decoder on again before reinserting the smartcard. If your decoder does not have a smartcard then please skip the smartcard step.
  3. For those accessing DSTV on a computer or on a mobile device via DSTV Now, the solution to Catchup problems lies in logging in and out of DSTV Now. On Android devices, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the DSTV Now app. On a computer, also try clearing the cache on your browser. Check out this article on the best browser for DSTV Now.
  4. If the steps above do not work, get in touch with DSTV on Twitter or Facebook for those in South Africa. They respond quickly to queries on these platforms. It could mean your decoder is not receiving sufficient signal from your satellite dish. If that is the case, you will probably need to take the decoder for testing at your nearest DStv Agency or Multichoice Service Center. Please click on the following link to find an agency near you.

About DSTV Catch Up

Let’s assume, as an example, that you have a cooking show on the Food channel that you have been dying to watch. Unfortunately, life’s schedules do not always sync with television, and you will find that most of the shows that you like happen while you are still work or at school. That’s where DSTV Catch Up comes into play. It allows you to catch up on those favorite shows at a place and time of your convenience.

How to access DSTV Catch Up

DSTV Catch Up is available for those that have PVR decoders. That includes on the Explora 3, Explora 3a and on the latest Explora Ultra. It’s also available on DSTV Now. Note that the content that you get on Catch Up is pretty much in sync with the DSTV bouquet for which your have subscribed.

Causes of DSTV Catch Up problems

The following are some of the reasons why you could end up having DSTV Catch Up problems;

  • Perhaps your DSTV subscription is not up to date. If you have not paid your monthly DSTV subscription, you will not be able to access DSTV Catch Up.
  • If your shows are missing on DSTV Catch Up, you may need to be a bit patient. Most DSTV shows become available on Catch Up within 24 hours. If 24 hours has not elapsed, you need to wait a bit for your shows to appear.

Solving Catch Up not Working Issue

The solutions in this case are self evident. If you have not paid up your subscription, you need to make sure that that is done. You may also need a dose of patience while waiting for your shows to become available on Catch Up.

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  2. Hi please help our catch up has not been working from lastweek Tuesday until now. Ive rebooted the decoder but still no luck. What to do??

  3. I have the full DSTV Package but all of a sudden I can’t access catch-up.
    This service is only available on selected packages.
    Please assist.

    • Hi. Please note that Cath-up is available on all packages. Try the following solution;

      • Remove the smartcard from the decoder.
      • Switch off the decoder at the mains
      • Wait for 3 minutes
      • Turn the decoder on.
      • Now insert the smartcard.

      That should help. Should it fail, please get in touch with DSTV directly via their Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/DStvSouthAfrica/

    • Do you mean it says your decoder is not PVR? Catchup is available on PVR decoders, so I don’t know how that would be a problem. But if you have an older type decoder, you need to upgrade to a PVR

  4. Help, when selecting Catch-up on android device (DSTV NOW) it takes me to the homescreen of the Android device. Kicks me out of the DSTVNOW app.
    But when logging into DSTVNOW on my phone there is now problem accessing DSTV NOW and catch-up

    • Hi. Try signing out and back in of the app. If that does not work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the DSTV Now android app. If you encounter further issues, get in touch with DSTV directly on Twitter.

  5. Both DStv catch up and box office say “not available in this country yet” and “not available in your region” respectively. How do I fix this?

    A second problem is the pvr function of rewind/forward has become messed up and no longer works shortly after boot up. When this happens, it writes PG Blocked on my left, with a key logo. What’s the fix for this?

  6. For those still struggling with the unexpected Catch Up and Box Office unavailability problems on PVR, I have found that “re-formatting” the PVR disk, to to resolve the problem. Follow the “format” process in the settings menu. Once done, reboot the encoder and allow some time (at least an hour) for the Catch Up and Box Office catalogues to be downloaded via the trickle load on satellite.

  7. Hi,my DStv Explora 3A says “disk full” and “hard drive corrupted”.so I cannot use my PVR and am losing out on catch up and recordings.Please help

    • Hi Lucas. We reached out to DSTV because this appeared like a simple question that can be answered with a few steps eg clearing everything on the decoder etc. But they gave us the following response; “The account holder needs to contact us directly for us to assist when they are experiencing an issue.” It’s a typical DSTV response really. We are also customers and sometimes it’s like trying to draw water from a stone. Anyway, better reach out to them directly. We are simply bloggers

    • No, you don’t need internet connection on the Explora. You need it when catching up via DSTV now. If you are fully paid up on the Explora, you should be getting catchup even without internet. You can however, connect the Explora ultra to the internet to get even more shows and to stream Netflix etc

    • Hi. A number of people have reported the same issue. Can you try the following solution; 1) Remove Power Cable.
      2) Hold down the P+ button on the front panel of the decoder (do not release
      3) Insert Power Cable.
      4) Release the P+ button when the word “CODE” appears on the top right of the TV
      5) Press the following sequence of buttons P- P+ P- P+ ,
      the TV screen will show “CODE: 0101” on the top right of the TV screen.
      6) The decoder will start Formatting the Hard Drive.
      7) After the Format, the decoder will reboot on its’ own and go to
      the last watched channel.

  8. the movie i want to watch on catchup is marked with a tick and will only show as a trailer. how can i watch the full movie.

    • I have the same issue but only with certain of the movie channels. I am on a full package and the movies are random where this happens. When I called dstv they told me to reset the decoder to factory settings but this just seems to make it worse. I now have more movies I can’t watch that was available before the reset

  9. Cant help to notice, it is since DSTV is advertising the new explora that all of this issues is starting.
    My 1st decode catch up not working, second decoder only channel 122 works.
    Is DSTV doing this on purpose so that we buy the new decoder?

  10. Hi! When trying to catchup on show max l get the notification to select quality & once l do that, it stop playing & start downloading. How can l fix this problem?

  11. Hi . I am unable to catchup on dstv & showmax. The notification is that l must select quality & when l do that , it doesn’t play. Infect it start downloading. What are my option?


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