DSTV Catch Up Not Working

Are you having problems with your DSTV Catch Up? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article explores the reasons why you could end up having your DSTV Catch Up not working. The article also looks at solutions to DSTV Catch Up problems. DSTV Catch Up is, without doubt, a great way through which you can stay abreast with your favorite shows. But what is it really? And what are the most common Catch Up issues and solutions?

Update: What to do if your DSTV Catchup is not working

We reached out to DSTV and based on the information that they provided, the following is what to do in the event that your DSTV Catch up is not working, either on DSTV Now or on the DSTV Explora decoder;

  1. The first solution involves performing a soft reboot of your decoder. This applies to those having issues with DSTV Catchup on their Explora 3, Explora 3a, Explora Ultra and on other PVR decoders. To do a soft reboot, press and hold the power button on your remote for 5 seconds before letting go. The decoder will rescan. That usually resolves the issue.
  2. A hard reboot is another possible solution to the DSTV Catchup not working issue. Try this option if the first solution given here does not work. To perform a hard reboot on a DSTV decoder, you need to first remove the smartcard from the device. Switch off the decoder from the main plug and unscrew the LNB Cables. Wait a few minutes (approximately 2-3 minutes) then screw back the LNB cables. Finally, switch the decoder on again before reinserting the smartcard. If your decoder does not have a smartcard then please skip the smartcard step.
  3. For those accessing DSTV on a computer or on a mobile device via DSTV Now, the solution to Catchup problems lies in logging in and out of DSTV Now. On Android devices, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the DSTV Now app. On a computer, also try clearing the cache on your browser. Check out this article on the best browser for DSTV Now.
  4. If the steps above do not work, get in touch with DSTV on Twitter or Facebook for those in South Africa. They respond quickly to queries on these platforms. It could mean your decoder is not receiving sufficient signal from your satellite dish. If that is the case, you will probably need to take the decoder for testing at your nearest DStv Agency or Multichoice Service Center. Please click on the following link to find an agency near you.

About DSTV Catch Up

Let’s assume, as an example, that you have a cooking show on the Food channel that you have been dying to watch. Unfortunately, life’s schedules do not always sync with television, and you will find that most of the shows that you like happen while you are still work or at school. That’s where DSTV Catch Up comes into play. It allows you to catch up on those favorite shows at a place and time of your convenience.

How to access DSTV Catch Up

DSTV Catch Up is available for those that have PVR decoders. That includes on the Explora 3, Explora 3a and on the latest Explora Ultra. It’s also available on DSTV Now. Note that the content that you get on Catch Up is pretty much in sync with the DSTV bouquet for which your have subscribed.

Causes of DSTV Catch Up problems

The following are some of the reasons why you could end up having DSTV Catch Up problems;

  • Perhaps your DSTV subscription is not up to date. If you have not paid your monthly DSTV subscription, you will not be able to access DSTV Catch Up.
  • If your shows are missing on DSTV Catch Up, you may need to be a bit patient. Most DSTV shows become available on Catch Up within 24 hours. If 24 hours has not elapsed, you need to wait a bit for your shows to appear.

Solving Catch Up not Working Issue

That’s the solution to the DSTV Catch Up not working issues. The solutions in this case are self evident. If you have not paid up your subscription, you need to make sure that that is done. You may also need a dose of patience while waiting for your shows to become available on Catch Up.


      1. I exchanged my Explora and are missing programmes and many channels. Have contacted Multichoice and been to the shop in Somerset West but no change. Have done hard and soft reboot but does not help. What di I do from here

    1. My dstv doesn’t show catch up,it says catch up is not available in this country yet….kindly assist

  1. Good day my catch up on explorer have not been working since Friday the 04 August, I tried calling contact service with no help at all I pay unlimited subscription

  2. My Catchup is not working (when the explora was installed catchup was working). I have done both the soft and hard reboot. The lady from help desk said the strength % is not high enough (catchup did work before).

  3. Kindly request assistance my dstv secondary decoder dont catch up when do catch up says catch up not available in this country

  4. Good day my catch up is not working its been four days now it says catch up not available in your country

  5. Good day. I received a brand new Ultra Explora. There is no apps, netflix or showmax, box office or catch up. Gives the following message. . “Your decoder does not have a working hard drive. It will work without features”
    I phoned DSTV 6 times already.

  6. I have done soft and hard reboot multiple times. No help from DSTV support line as they don’t have answer. On PVR Catch Up episodes are available to watch, but won’t load the episodes. Any suggestions as subscription is up to date

  7. Same for a month now, catchup not working, other stuff as well, when plugging out, leaving for 5min , then plugging in, most stuf works, but end of the day things stuff up again. Also playlist shows 25% now, but should be by 75% hdd used ..

  8. My dstv doesn’t show catch up,it says catch up is not available in this country yet….kindly assist

  9. Yesterday everything was fine, but today, I suddenly have no catch up. I pay enough money for DSTV Premium to not have to seeit is only available on certain packages. Just fix it please. I am not going to spend extra money for something you created

  10. Dstv catch up appears on screen and does update, however when selecting a program to watch, the program does not play.
    Programs download successfully but do not play.

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