How does DSTV Now Work?

More and more people are using DSTV Now these days and that’s hardly surprising. With data prices continuously falling, there is really no reason for DSTV subscribesr not to take advantage of DSTV Now to enjoy their favorite shows wherever and wherever they are. If you don’t know what DSTV Now is; its a streaming service from DSTV on which people can watch movies, series, sports and other shows using their mobile devices or on their computers. Buy how does DSTV Now work?

How DSTV Now Works

The following is how DSTV Now works;

  • DSTV live streams all of it’s shows onto DSTV Now, which can be accessed via the internet. This includes movies, sports, music and other programs. What it means is that if it’s on DSTV, you will find it DSTV Now.
  • Therefore, you need internet data to access DSTV Now. The amount of data that you need depends on how you want to use DSTV Now. As an example, you can live stream shows, which needs lot’s of data. Or you can download shows from DSTV Catch Up, in which case you have a pretty good idea the amount of data you will be needing.
  • DSTV Catch Up allows people to catch up on programs that they may have missed while at work or elsewhere.
  • Anybody can subscribe for DSTV Now, even people who do not have DSTV subscriptions. However, non subscribers will not get any useful channels.
  • If you are a DSTV subscriber, you, therefore, need to link your DSTV Account to DSTV Now.
  • This allows you to get all the channels that are in your DSTV bouquet.
  • You can now watch DSTV on your laptop or on your desktop.
  • If you wish to use your tablet or phone to watch DSTV, you need to download the DSTV Now app. The apps is available for both iOS and Android.
  • You can actually sign up for DSTV Now via the Android App. However, you cannot do this using the iOS app.
  • Once the app is on your phone, it’s a simple matter of login into your DSTV Now account using your email and password (the ones that you used when signing up for DSTV Now).
  • Now you will be able to watch sports, movies and live stream everything else that’s on DSTV.
  • DSTV Now is tied to your DSTV account, meaning you will not get anything on there should you not keep your DSTV subscription up to date. It also means that you only get channels that are in your DSTV bouquet in DSTV Now.
  • You can download DSTV Catch Up shows through DSTV Now if you have downloaded the app onto your mobile device. However, downloading is not available when accessing DSTV Now using a browser on a laptop or desktop.


That’s it! Hope I have given you all the information that you need to understand how DSTV Now works. Overall, it’s a really great service. I was a DSTV subscriber for years before I started using DSTV Now, and I regret the fact. Now I always have a small screen showing the news on my tablet even as I do my work. It’s great for keeping up, though it can cause distractions. DSTV Now can be thought of as a competitor for streaming services such as Netflix. Anyway, what do you think about DSTV Now? Feel free to comment below this how does DSTV Now work article!


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