DSTV Zimbabwe Payment Options

What are the DSTV Zimbabwe payment options? The currency crisis that has bedeviled Zimbabwe over the past few years has made it difficult for DSTV lovers to make their payments. When the crisis began, banks simply began refusing to accept RTGS payments for DSTV. This left many in the country in a lurch. As USDs became more and scarce, many were forced to go back to ZTV which, by the way, has vastly improved over the past year or so.

If you are in Zimbabwe, the good news is that it is still possible for you to settle your monthly DSTV subscriptions. The bad news is that doing so is going to cost you and you will have to be creative to continue watching your favorite shows. So, which DSTV payment options are available for Zimbabweans?

Available DSTV payment methods for Zimbabweans

The following are the DSTV payment options that are available for Zimbabweans;

  1. Online DSTV Payments

Online DSTV payments are still available for Zimbabweans. You can even make a payment for someone else. However, not many people are going to be able to use this facility. That’s because banks had largely disable VISA and MasterCard facilities even before the RBZ decided to separate accounts into one for RTGS and one for Forex.

What this means is that if you have an FCA account, you can easily get your bank to make your DSTV payments. You can also get an FCA card from your bank and you should be able to make you online DSTV payments.

However, this facility is not going to be available to those that hold ordinary RTGS balances. The days when you would simply log into your DSTV account and make your payment using an ordinary card from Stanchart or FBC, sadly enough, are long gone.

  1. Get a Prepaid Visa Card

This is an options that’s available even to those that wish to go outside the country. You can approach your bank and they will give you a prepaid VISA or MasterCard card.

The challenge, however, comes in loading the said card. You need actual, hard currency in order to do so. Again, this is something that not many people are going to be able to afford to do, with the rates that are currently prevailing on the black market.

  1. Get hard cash and make your DSTV payment at the bank

If you can get your hands on hard currency, then this is another of the DSTV payment options that’s available to you as a Zimbabwean. The following banks will facilitate your payment, provided that you bring USDs or Rands

  • FBC (Cash)
  • Nedbank (Account holders only)
  • STANBIC (Cash only)
  • NMB(Cash Only)
  • ZB Bank (Cash only)
  • POSB (Cash only)
  • CABS (Cash only
  • CBZ (Cash only)
  1. Get relatives in South Africa to make the DSTV payment on your behalf

If you have relatives in South Africa, then you can get them to make DSTV payments for your Zimbabwean account over that side. This facility is definitely handy, provided you don’t annoy your relatives by forcing them to make monthly payments on your behalf without giving them something in return. All they need to do is visit the following South African supermarkets and they will be able to pay for your Zimbabwean DSTV account;

  • Shoprite/Checkers
  • Pick n Pay
  • Kazang

What do they need?

In order to make a DSTV payment in South Africa for a Zimbabwean account, all that is needed are the 10 digits of your smartcard. Your relatives also need to specify that they are making a payment for a Zimbabwean account.

  1. Get someone in the Diaspora to make the payment

Other than South Africa, it’s also possible to get people in other countries to make DSTV payments for your Zimbabwean account. It’s another of the DSTV Zimbabwe payment options. If, as an example, you have a son in the UK or in the United States, all that you need to do is give them your Smartcard number and they can log into the DSTV online portal using your surname. Once there, they can then make the payment using their MasterCard or Visa cards.

Can I make my DSTV Payments at the Bank Using the Prevailing Rate?

This is a question that many will be asking following the introduction and rating of RTGS dollars. Now that banks are allowed to sell and buy USDs at the prevailing rate, is it possible for people to make DSTV payments using RTGS dollars at the prevailing rate? Hypothetically, it should be possible. However, we don’t have the answer yet and we will reach out to try and get it. The trouble, we suppose, crops up when it comes to Multichoice trying to repatriate it’s money? Will the RBZ be obliging in this regard? If not, then you probably wont be able to make your DSTV payments at the bank at the prevailing rate.

Where can I get the hard cash for my DSTV payments?

Those are the DSTV Zimbabwe payment options. But where can you get hard cash for your payments? This is a question that you may be asking yourself. Where will you get the USD or Rands cash that’s needed to make your payments? Well, we are not going to answer that question, so keep asking yourself! Also feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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