Nedbank Zimbabwe Disables DSTV Payments on Mobile Banking

Nedbank, perhaps the only remaining financial institution that was still processing DSTV payments based on RTGS balances, has finally pulled the plug. The bank sent the following message to people a few days ago;

Dear client, due to current forex shortages, we have temporarily disabled DSTV payments on mobile banking. We will communicate alternative options in due course.

What does this mean?

The move by Nedbank to suspend DSTV payments means that people will have to scrounge harder to watch DSTV in the country. Add to that the fact that Kwese TV has just been shut down in Zimbabwe, and you will realize that many people are going to be stranded, as far as entertainment is concerned.

What are the options?

So, what options do people in Zimbabwe have? Well, the following options are available;

  • Get someone in South African to make DSTV payments on their behalf. This can actually be done at PicknPay and other stores down South.
  • Get the etv free-to-air decoder. The thing costs around USD$40. Once you have got it, you will be able to watch all South African channels.
  • Watch ZTV. Surprisingly, this is something that I have been doing of late. ZTV actually now has a few entertaining programs, particularly the Dramas. My favorite are; Tunga, Muzita, Wenera and that other one rana Daison. The only problem is ZTV can be arbitrary at times. Someone decided yesterday to change the time for Wenera from 1900Hrs to 1930. No big deal, but it can be annoying.
  • Get shows and videos from YouTube and watch them on your TV. You would need a YouTube downloader for this and a TV that accepts USBs. I do this sometimes. But you need to make sure that the shows that you download are HD, otherwise the viewing is going to be crappy.
  • Get cash USD and go to your bank to make the DSTV payment.

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