DSTV Compact Plus Zimbabwe Channel List 2020

The following are the Channels that can be found under the DSTV Compact Plus package in Zimbabwe; TLC Discovery IDx BBC Lifestyle Food Network The Home Channel Travel Channel Spice TV eTV Africa MiTV ZBC Yadah TV One Africa TV ITV Cartoon Network Boomerang Disney Channel Disney XD Nickelodeon Cbeebies NickJr NickTOONS Disney Junior JimJam […]

How to Upgrade your DSTV Package (with video tutorial)

DSTV is great, at least for couch potatoes like me. Though it has been facing stiff competition from other direct broadcast satellite service, including Kwese TV, DSTV remains at the top. One of the major questions that’s constantly being asked, with regard to DSTV, pertains to how you can upgrade your DSTV package. So, how […]

How LCD Televisions Work: A Modern Explanation

How LCD Television Work This article is a bit of a digression from my usual articles, in which I talk about Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Rank Tracking and other related issues. In any case, somebody asked me how LCD televisions work and I thought I would make an article out of the question.Although LCD […]

Difference Between the DSTV Explora and HD PVR Decoder

If you are looking for a DSTV decoder, then this is a question that you are likely to be confronted with at some point in time. What is the difference between the DSTV Explora and the DSTV HD PVR Decoders? And which should you choose? The table above shows some of the similarities and differences […]

Number of Permitted Devices for DSTV Now

DSTV Now allows you to watch your favorite shows on your smartphone and on your desktop or laptop. Most people who have DSTV are, frankly speaking, not even aware that they can do this. That’s a tragedy. DSTV, as we all know, has been the cause of many a fight in households around Southern Africa. […]

How to Downgrade your DSTV Package

DSTV remains the best option as far as digital satellite television is concerned for most people. That’s despite the emergence on the market of such pretenders as the now practically defunct Kwese TV. One of the great things about DSTV is that it offers you a certain degree of flexibility. You can change your DSTV […]

Nedbank Zimbabwe Disables DSTV Payments on Mobile Banking

Nedbank, perhaps the only remaining financial institution that was still processing DSTV payments based on RTGS balances, has finally pulled the plug. The bank sent the following message to people a few days ago; Dear client, due to current forex shortages, we have temporarily disabled DSTV payments on mobile banking. We will communicate alternative options […]

Are Forex Shortages Behind the Kwese TV Shutdown?

Kwese Shut Down Press Statement The following is a press statement from Econet on the reasons why it has had to give up on it’s Kwese offering. The whole thing is probably going to be greeted angrily by the company’s customers. After investing so much in trying to upstage DSTV, Econet has apparently given up. […]

Can I Download Movies and Shows Using DSTV Now?

One of the great things about DSTV Now is that it allows you to connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Let’s say, as an example, that you are the typical household that has Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son and Maid. Now, most people may discount Maid from the equation, but there can be […]

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