How to Watch DSTV Now Abroad

watch DSTV Now abroad

We all get nostalgic, right? Perhaps you have moved to New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom or some other country abroad. One of the things that you are likely going to miss is television from home. I know, it doesn’t seem that good while you are here, but go out there, and all … Read more

Number of Permitted Devices for DSTV Now

dstv now devices

DSTV Now allows you to watch your favorite shows on your smartphone and on your desktop or laptop. Most people who have DSTV are, frankly speaking, not even aware that they can do this. That’s a tragedy. DSTV, as we all know, has been the cause of many a fight in households around Southern Africa. … Read more

How to Downgrade your DSTV Package

downgrade your DSTV package

DSTV remains the best option as far as digital satellite television is concerned for most people. That’s despite the emergence on the market of such pretenders as the now practically defunct Kwese TV. One of the great things about DSTV is that it offers you a certain degree of flexibility. You can change your DSTV … Read more

Nedbank Zimbabwe Disables DSTV Payments on Mobile Banking

DSTV payments on mobile banking

Nedbank, perhaps the only remaining financial institution that was still processing DSTV payments based on RTGS balances, has finally pulled the plug. The bank sent the following message to people a few days ago; Dear client, due to current forex shortages, we have temporarily disabled DSTV payments on mobile banking. We will communicate alternative options … Read more

Types of DSTV Decoders and their Prices

types of DSTV decoders

DSTV decoders come in a wide range of types. Surprisingly, most people still have the old, 1131 or 1132 decoders. If you are one of these people, then it’s probably high time you considered upgrading to a newer version. But why upgrade your DSTV decoder? Well, the major reason for upgrading your DSTV decoder is … Read more

DSTV Family Zimbabwe Channel List

DSTV Family Zimbabwe Channel List

Channels in the DSTV Family Bouquet The following are the Channels that can be found under the DSTV Family bouquet in Zimbabwe. Refer to the DSTV Family Zimbabwe Channel List for more on what you can get in this package; BBC Lifestyle Food Network The Home Channel Travel Channel Spice TV eTV Africa ZBC Yadah … Read more

DSTV Prices in Zimbabwe

DSTV prices in Zimbabwe

DSTV is, without doubt, the most popular Digital Satellite Television Services provide in Zimbabwe. It used to be that there were free-to-air decoders such as the WizTech that ordinary Zimbabweans turned to whenever they got too tired of the good old programming on ZTV. Then, along came My TV Africa and then Kwese TV. The … Read more

Should I Buy a 4K Monitor for my PC?

4K monitor

The technology around us continues to change at an incredible pace, making it virtually impossible for anyone to keep up. In the world of resolutions, it’s not that long ago that we were drooling over 720p. Then came full HD at 1080p. Now the whole world appears to be going crazy about 4k resolutions. If … Read more