Fed up with Windows Updates? Here is how to temporarily disable them!

stop updates on a Windows 10 computer

First of all, this is an article that we do not want to write. Why? Well, because Windows updates are an essential part of the process of keeping your computer healthy. Disabling them opens up your computer to hacking, malware and other nefarious activities from cyber criminals. So, it’s quite unwise for anyone to disable … Read more

How to Permanently Disable Tablet Mode in Windows 10 (with video)

permanently disable tablet mode in Windows 10

If you have just bought a Windows 10 computer, one of the things that you will discover is that the OS comes with tablet mode. Tablet mode appears to have been made for touch friendly devices. However, as is the case with everything else to do with technology, Microsoft seems to have ignored that most … Read more

How to Add a Picture to a Folder in Windows 10

add a picture to a folder

With so much going on on them, computers can sometimes become cluttered. Fortunately, there are folders that help people organize the work that’s on their PCs. Unfortunately folders in their default mode are rather uninspiring. Most people are not even aware of the fact that folders in Windows 10 can be customized and personalized. You … Read more