How to Add a Picture to a Folder in Windows 10

add a picture to a folder

With so much going on on them, computers can sometimes become cluttered. Fortunately, there are folders that help people organize the work that’s on their PCs. Unfortunately folders in their default mode are rather uninspiring. Most people are not even aware of the fact that folders in Windows 10 can be customized and personalized. You … Read more

Free Upgrade to Windows 10 2020: It’s still possible!

free upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 was released way back in July 2015. It was offered free of charge to those that had genuine copies of previous versions of the operation system. Back then, millions of people took up the call to upgrade to Windows 10. Unfortunately, million more chose to ignore the call. That was not really surprising. … Read more

How to always run Command Prompt as an Administrator in Windows 10

always run Command Prompt as an Administrator

If you are like me, there are some instances where you need to run Command Prompt in Windows 10 with administrator privileges. Opening Command Prompt the normal way in Windows 10 involves typing “cmd” in Search and clicking on the application that comes up. Opening Command Prompt with administrator privileges requires you to right click … Read more

What is Early Launch Malware Protection in Windows 10?

disable early launch malware protection

How to Disable Early Launch Malware Protection Early launch Malware Protection is a feature that was added to Windows to specifically protect computers against the threat that is posed by rootkits. Rootkit are a particularly nefarious type of computer malware that is used to hide malware on infected computers. They are used by people who … Read more