How to Restore a Browsing Session in Firefox

So, what do you do when you accidentally close your Mozilla Firefox browser and need to restore your browsing session? Do you go into History and hunt down each page that was open at the time of the accidental closure? Or do you take your head into your head and begin to wail uncontrollably? Fortunately, you can easily restore an accidentally closed browsing session in most of the browsers that are out there. So, how do you restore a browsing session in Firefox?

Restore a Browsing Session in Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, all that you need to do in order to restore a browsing session is reopen your browser and head over to History. This can be found to the top left of your screen, in the menu bar. If you cannot see a Menu bar, right click on any open space at the top of your browser and make sure that “Menu Bar,” is ticked.


Once that’s out of the way, click on History, and then choose “Restore Previous Session.”

What happens then?

Your previous browsing session is immediately restored. You do have to note, however, that although you will see the pages that were open when you accidentally closed Firefox, they actually wont have any content. Each page will only be reloaded when you click on it. This feature is great, in terms of data saving. If there are any pages that you no longer want from your previous browsing session, you can easily close them without wasting data.

That’s it. As you can see, restoring a browsing session in Firefox is pretty easy. In fact, we deliberately extended this article (It could have been one sentence long), because Yoast, the plugin that we use for our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work, insists that each article that is published on a blog should have a minimum of 300 words in length. 

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