How to Open Command Prompt in Windows

Command Prompt is one of the most useful applications in Windows. This is a utility that every user should be aware of. Command Prompt is sometimes referred to as the “Command Shell,” or “Windows Command Processor.” So, how do you open Command Prompt?

Why is Command Prompt Useful?

I am not going to go into any technical details in this article, because I would likely start lying to you. I am, however, going to attest to the usefulness of Command Prompt.

This is an application that I have used over the years to troubleshoot problems on my PC and to open a wide variety of applications.

How to Open Command Prompt

Opening command prompt is a simple enough task. On my Windows 10 computer, all that I need to do in order to open command prompt is the following;

Using the “Run” utility

You can easily open Command Prompt using the Run utility in Windows. In order to do so, all that you need to do is;

  • Press the Windows Key + the letter “R”
  • Type “cmd” into the Window as in above
  • Press “OK” and your will be taken to the Command Prompt window.

Through the Start Button Context Menu (Windows 10)

You can also open Command Prompt, in Windows 10, through the Start Button Context Menu. In order to do so, all that you need to do is right click on the start icon on the bottom left corner of your screen.

To open Command Prompt through the Start Button Context Menu,  click on the appropriate option in the screenshot below.

This is the best option through which you can open Command Prompt. The good thing about this option is that the Start Button context menu gives you the ability to get Command Prompt with Administrator privileges. This can come in handy in a number of circumstances.

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