Windows 10 Metered Connection Greyed Out

Solution to the Windows 10 Metered Connection Greyed Out Issue

Setting your Windows 10 internet connection as metered is something that we encourage you to do if you are on a limited data plan and are looking to save data. We have previously outlined the step by step process of setting a metered connection in the article in the provided link. Feel free to refer to the article if you need help in that area. However, you may find that, sometimes, you cannot set your network as metered because the metered connection will be greyed out. Here, in any case, is the solution to the Windows 10 Metered Connection Greyed Out problem.

  1. Connect to the WiFi network on which you have encountered the Windows 10 metered connection greyed out problem.
  2. Right click on the WiFi connected symbol to the bottom right of your Taskbar.
  3. Click on “Open Network and Internet Settings”
  4. Click on “Change Connection Properties.”
  5. You will see that the “Set as metered connection button,” is greyed out as in the screenshot below.
  6. To solve the Windows 10 Metered Connection Greyed Out issue, simply click on the “Change data limit settings,” link.
  7. Now click on the “Remove limit button,” and confirm that you wish to remove the data limit.
  8. Now go back to check if the data limit has been removed. (Click on “Status” and then on “Change data limit Settings.”

That’s it, you will notice that when you go back, the “Set as metered connection button,” will now be functional.

Why is the Windows 10 Metered Connection Greyed Out?

Windows 10 set as metered connection greyed out

So, why is the Windows 10 Metered Connection Greyed Out in the first place? Well, it all has to do with the fact that you have already set a data limit that is meant to help control data usage on your network. When you do this, windows restricts background data, which helps limit the amount of data that is used while you are connected to the network.

remove data limit to solve the metered connection greyed out issue

What happens is that when you choose to set the data limit, instead of just setting a connection as metered, Windows automatically sets the network on which there is a limit as metered. So, its more of the same thing, hence you will find that you cannot both set the connection as metered and, at the same time, set a data limit. You need to choose what works best for you between the two data saving measures.

5 thoughts on “Windows 10 Metered Connection Greyed Out”

  1. Same here, still grayed out… Either this is a “BS” guide or MS has changed how things work after this guide was written.

  2. Okay. Some have been saying removing the data limit does not work on their machines. It clearly works on mine so I don’t know what the issue is. Maybe it’s their versions of Windows? I don’t know! If anyone has an answer, please leave it here.

    • Same problem. Solved. Went to administer acct. Had created non admin acct for web security. Was on this one. Switched. Clicked over. Switched back.


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