Windows Ignoring “Metered Network” Setting

If you have been following this blog, you may have come across some of the tips that I gave on how to reduce data consumption over a WiFi network in Windows 10. You do this by setting the wireless network as metered, which is supposed to drastically cut down on the amount of data that you use on a daily basis. This setting is useful if you are using a metered data connection. An example would be if you are using your cellphone as a WiFi hotspot. Setting your connection as metered on your laptop or PC stops these devices from needlessly downloading updates and other background data usages.

Having the Metered Network Setting Doesn’t Always Work

Now, despite the fact that I have set the network that I am using as metered, I have just had a major drain of my precious data on my laptop. That’s despite the fact that I also have Windows Update disabled through Services function!

Yet Windows has just consumed 163MB of my data within the space of a few minutes, despite the fact that I had my browser closed. I wouldn’t even have noticed the drain save for the fact that I have an application on my laptop that shows me the amount of data that I am using at any given point in time.

Essential Updates that Can’t Wait?

I suspect the people that make Windows and all these other applications never really have to worry about the price of data. If anyone bothers to ask, they will probably say that there are essential updates that need to be made, data savings or not.

The funny thing is that I actually connect the said laptop to a wired, unmetered connection maybe three times a week. Which only goes to show that Windows is not yet intelligent enough to hold off on these data draining updates! Oh well!

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