How to View 2019 ZIMSEC “A” Results Online

ZIMSEC recently announced that the November 2019 “A” level results are out. The good news is that the results can now be accessed online. So, if you are one of the candidates that sat for the 2019 November Advanced Level examinations, you can see how you performed using the ZIMSEC online results portal, which has previously been hailed as innovative. To see your results, simply do the following;

  1. Go the ZIMSEC results website
  2. Click on “Register as a new user.”
  3. Go through the registration process
  4. View your results

What information is required during registration to get ZIMSEC “A” Level 2019 Results Online?

The following information is required when registering to get the ZIMSEC “A” Level 2019 results online;

  • Centre Number
  • Candidate Number
  • Session (June or November)
  • Level (“A” or “O” level)
  • Year (2019)
  • Candidate Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Username (Your name)
  • A password
  • A security phase

The password

Many people are not sure when trying to get 2019 ZIMSEC “A” Level results online about the issue of the password. Your password should be comprised of a capital letter, non alphabetic characters and digits. An example of a valid password would be something like Jonathan125!

The Security Phrase

When registering to access your ZIMSEC “A” Level results online, you also need to input a security phrase. Don’t crack your head over this. The security phrase can be anything. An example would be something like; “My dog is called Rufus.” It’s something that you are supposed to remember, however. Otherwise you will not be able to access the ZIMSEC results portal at a later date.

How to enter your date of birth

The date of birth is also required when registering to view the ZIMSEC November 2019 “A” Level results online. Most people have problems here. Your date of birth is supposed to be registered using the following format; dd/mm/yyyy. An example would be 29/05/1990. That’s it! Now you should be able to see your 2019 ZIMSEC “A” Level Results online!

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