ZIMSEC’s “O” Level Results Checking System Hailed

Zimbabweans have hailed ZIMSEC’s surprise decision to make available online results for the 2018 “O” level examinations. The system allows people to access their results by first registering on the ZIMSEC online results portal.

The great thing is that the results appear to be housed on a very powerful server, the same of which cannot be said of the ZIMSEC website itself.

Once a user has registered their account, accessing their results is quick and simple.

What does the ZIMSEC online results portal mean for students

The ZIMSEC online results portal means that students across the country can quickly access their “O” level results without having to travel to their schools. This is particularly important for those who were studying at boarding schools.

Another takeout from the ZIMSEC online results portal is that students who got nothing during the exams no longer need to go to their schools at all. If, as an example, you got “U”s in all your subjects, there is really no point in you going to your school to collect your results slip.

What does the online results portal mean for schools?

Schools may not be as euphoric, however, about the ZIMSEC online results platform. And here is the reason for that;

Schools have traditionally withheld results as a way of getting the money that they are owed by students. Now it will be somewhat difficult for them do to this, particularly when it comes to those students who have failed.

An innovative approach

ZIMSEC, by making “O” level results available online, has proven to be particularly innovative. That, in any case, is the way to go for all public entities.

What can be made better

There are a few things that ZIMSEC‘s “O” Results Checking System could improve with regard to the online results facility;

  • Make it easier for people to register. Some candidates have been having trouble opening accounts.
  • Some students have failed to find their results on the portal. This may mean that they failed to register properly or the results are not there altogether.
  • ZIMSEC should also improve on the hosting for its own website which, at times, cannot be easily accessed.
  • If possible, ZIMSEC should make results available from previous examinations.

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