How to Check Previous Day’s Usage on a ZESA Meter

This information will be useful to those that are interested in knowing their daily electricity consumption statistics. A while back, I checked my own ZESA consumption, and I discovered that I used around 9KW per day. That was before ZESA introduced the latest stages of load shedding, where the neighborhood hardly sees any electricity at all throughout the day. Now I probably use around 2 KW per day. So, how do you check the previous day’s electricity consumption on a ZESA prepaid electricity meter?

Checking your daily electricity consumption

To check the previous day’s consumption on a prepaid ZESA electricity meter, all that you need to do is the following;

  1. Go to where you meter is and flip open the clear plastic cover
  2. Press 813 on the keyboard
  3. Press the enter button
  4. Your electricity consumption for the previous day will be displayed on the screen.

Different configurations

Note that the above method may not apply when it comes to checking your daily ZESA consumption, depending on the type of meter that you have. Almost all of the meters that are out there, however, come with instructions on how to check previous day’s usage written somewhere on the device.

Why check previous day’s usage

If you are wondering why anyone would be interested in knowing their daily electricity consumption figures, there are several reasons for doing so;

  • Knowing how much you are consuming is a good way of planning for future usages. You know exactly how much electricity you need to buy on a monthly basis.
  • I have recently been interested in installing a home solar system; seeing how ZESA only remains in name only. Should you decide to go down this path, you will need to know how much you are spending for planning purposes. If you consume 10KW per day, as an example, you will know that you need a system that gives you 300KW per month. Of course, this figure will be too high. When setting up an off-grid system, you will want to eliminate some of the commonplace household appliances from the equation. You will probably, as an example, not use your iron on a solar system. So, you usage will be significantly lower.

Thanks for reading. Here is how to check your monthly ZESA usage.

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