How to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 1803 via USB

This, as far as blog posts go, is going to be a short one. I have recently produced a number of articles in which I mention that the only solution to the Windows 10 update problem is to get a completely clean installation of Windows. Wiping your computer may not be in everyone’s interest, but those that, like I did, find themselves unable to update to Windows 10 version 1803 may be left with no option but to get a completely new Windows installation. This post is intended for both those who wish to make a clean install of Windows via USB and those that simply wish to upgrade to Windows 1803 via USB. In any case, here is how to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 1803 via USB;

  • Get a USB flash drive that has at least 8GB storage.
  • Connect the USB onto your computer
  • Head over to the Windows 10 download page
  • Click on the “Download tool now” button under “Create Windows 10 installation media.”
  • This downloads “MediaCreatioinTool1803” onto your computer. Click on “Save File.”
  • Go to where the tool is saved and run it (double click on it)
  • Accept the terms and conditions that come up on the screen.
  • Choose the “Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC option.
  • Click on the next button.
  • Click on the “Next” button on the following page.
  • Choose whether you are going to create the installation disk on a USB flash drive or as an ISO file that will later be burned to disk.
  • The download process will now begin.

Note: USB Will be Wiped Clean during download of Windows 10 to USB

Note that you should remove any important items before beginning the process of downloading the Windows 10 installation media to USB. The process pretty much wipes the USB clean.

How long does it take to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 1803 via USB:

Okay, I admit I didn’t actually measure the time, but the process takes quite a while. I would say be prepared for it to go on for over an hour.

How to install/Upgrade Windows 10 from USB

Once you have downloaded the USB installation media to USB, installing it on another computer is a simply matter of clicking on the setup application (in the USB flash drive). Note that you can either upgrade or completely wipe your computer to Windows 10 1803 using the USB the installation media that you have just downloaded to your USB flash drive.

Upgrading leaves all your files in place, while a clean install of Windows 10 via USB means that you lose almost all of your files. So, if this is what you want to do, you need to make sure that everything is backed up first.

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