Windows 11 Upgrade Stuck at 0, 11, 61, 88, 99 or 100 Percent? Here is the Solution

Are you struggling to solve the Windows 11 upgrade stuck issue? If yes, this article will show you how you can solve the problem. A lot of people out there have been encountering the issue while trying to upgrade their computers from Windows 10 to Windows 11. It’s a problem that we also encountered, hence this article while trying to upgrade our HP HP ProBook 450 15.6 inch G9 Notebook PC.

The good news is that you can easily solve the problem and, in no time, you will be enjoying the many benefits of Windows 11. Admittedly, we can’t really tell the difference from Windows 10 other than a few aesthetic issues, but maybe you will find something new in there. So, how do you solve the Windows 11 upgrade stuck at 0, 11, 61, 88, 99 or 100 percent issue?

Solution to the Windows 11 upgrade stuck issue

The following are the possible solutions to the Windows 11 upgrade stuck issue;

  1. You can try waiting for the upgrade to be completed. Upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 can take hours depending on the type of computer that you have. In our case, we started the upgrade process in the morning and 8 hours later, it was stuck at 99%. We then waited overnight and the upgrade process was still stuck. Some people report that the process was later completed, so it’s worth trying.
  2. Another possible solution is to disconnect the computer from the internet. Again, this is another solution that some people out there found helpful, so we are putting it on here. In any case, when we tried this, it did not work for us. The Windows 11 upgrade process remained stuck in spite of the fact that we have switched off internet.
  3. Removing peripheral devices from your computer in order to complete the process of upgrading to Windows 11. This is another solution that worked for some people who were experiencing a similar problem. Some report that when they removed items such as the mouse and keyboard, the upgrade process was then able to be completed. In our case this did not help but you may wish to try it.
  4. The solution that worked for us was to upgrade our Windows 10 computer from an external USD flash drive. All along, we have been trying to upgrade using the Windows 11 upgrade assistant. You may have been trying to do the same or maybe you got a prompt on your computer telling you that the upgrade is ready for you. What we did was to create an upgrade disc on a flash drive, and then we upgraded from there. We didn’t encounter any glitches and the process was completed in less than an hour.

How to create a Windows 11 upgrade disc on a flash drive

That’s the solution to the Windows 11 upgrade stuck at 0, 11, 61, 88, 99 or 100 percent issue. It’s a problem that can be frustrating. Most people expect to be done with the upgrade process within minutes. But when you encounter a problem similar to the one that we are describing here, you will not really know what to do. We noted above that the solution that worked for us was to create an upgrade disc on a USB. But how did we do it?

  1. Go to the Windows 11 download page
  2. Scroll down and choose the option to Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) for x64 devices. This is the option that we chose. Most computers these days are 64 bit.
  3. You may also choose the Create Windows 11 Installation Media option.
  4. If you choose the option to Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) for x64 devices, go to Select Download and choose Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO for x63 devices).
  5. Next, click on the Download Now button.
  6. Windows 11 will now be downloaded onto your computer. The download is 5.44GB big, so make sure that you have enough disc space on your computer before starting.
  7. Once the download process is done, you can transfer the download to a USD drive or to an external hard drive. We did not try but it’s possible that the upgrade process will also work right from your hard drive without having to transfer the disc to an external drive.
  8. When ready to upgrade, right click on the file and click on Mount.
  9. You can then click on Setup to begin the upgrade process.

What causes the Windows 11 upgrade stuck issue?

For us the solution that worked was to carry out the Windows 11 upgrade process using a disc image from on a USB drive. But what causes this problem in the first place?

The major cause of the problem that you have been encounter is hardware incompatibility between Windows 11 and your machine. The challenge that Microsoft faces when it comes to these upgrades is that there are so many hardware and software configurations for computers out there.

In today’s world, seemingly no two computers are the same. Even those from the same manufacturer will have different configurations. That can cause hardware and software issues when it comes to upgrading. Fortunately, the above outlined solution should work for everyone.

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In this article, we gave you the solution to the Windows 11 upgrade stuck at 0, 11, 61, 88, 99 or 100 percent issue. We highlighted that this article was inspired by the fact that we spent so many hours trying to get our own computer unstuck from 99%. We tried a number of solutions, but the one that worked for us was to carry out the upgrade from an external media.

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