Verizon Data Overage Charges

How much does Verizon charge for data overage? You are definitely not the only person who has been asking yourself this question. Thing is, data limits have become another point of worry for most people, alongside such things as the price of gas, getting divorced and the possibility of being hit on the head by a meteor from outer space. In this article, we show you the Verizon data overage charges for the current year. We also compare these overage charges with those from competitor companies, such as Mediacom and Cox.

How Much Does Verizon Charge for Data Overage?

The Verizon data overage fee is $15 for 1GB. If you are on the Basic Phone plan, the overage fee is $5 for 500MB. You can avoid overage fees on Verizon by opting for an unlimited plan. However, this comes with a catch. Unlimited Verizon plans are not really unlimited. You are given a data cap, depending on the plan that you have chosen. Should you go over this cap, they will severely throttle you internet.

CompanyOverage fee
Verizon$10 for 1GB
Mediacom$10 for 50GB
Cox$10 for 50GB
OptimumNo overage fee
Xfinity$10 for 50GB
SpectrumNo overage fee
Sparklight$10 for 100GB
CenturyLinkNo overage fee
Buckeye$10 for 50GB

How to save on data

Instead of worrying about reaching your data cap, you should do more to save data. On Verizon, you can do this by pre-downloading your favorite shows. You can do so over WiFi, which is truly unlimited. Afterwards, you can watch these shows without having to tap into your data plan.

NBVerizon recently waived overage charges during the Coronavirus pandemic. They also gave an extra 15GB on all plans. This was meant to help people get through these trying times. Anyway, those are the Verizon overage charges. Leave a comment below if you have something to say.

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