How Much does Mediacom Charge for Going over Data Limit?

How much does Mediacom charge for going over their data limit? That’s a question that you may have been asking yourself of late if you are a Mediacom customer. Mediacom claims not to have data usage caps. However, there is a catch, as is to be expected. Depending on the package that you have signed up for, you are assigned a monthly data limit. Should you go over this, you are charged what is referred to as an overage fee. So, what’s the Mediacom overage fee?

Mediacom Overage Charges

The Mediacom overage charge is $10 for each 50GB that you go over the your monthly usage limit. That’s the amount that you will need to pay for going over your Mediacom data limit. The table below shows the data usage limits for all Mediacom packages.

Mediacom Data Limits

PackageData usage limit
Internet 60200 GB
Internet 1001000 GB
Internet 3002000 GB
1GB6000 GB

What does this mean?

Those are the Mediacom overage limits. What this means is that if you are on the Internet 60 package, you should not go over 200 GB. If you do so, you will be charged $10 for every 50 GB over the limit. Similarly, those on the IGB package are allotted 6000 GB data. The moment they go over this overage limit, Mediacom begins charging them $10 for 50GB.

Mediacom vs other companies in terms of overage fees

So, how does Mediacom compare with the other major internet companies in terms of charges for going over data limits? The table below compares Mediacom’s overage fees with those from Spectrum, Cox, CenturyLink, Frontier, HughesNet, RCN, ATT and Optimum.

ISPOverage charge
Mediacom$10 for 50GB
Cox$10 for 50GB
HughesNetNo overage fee
OptimumNo overage fee
Xfinity$10 for 50GB
ViasatNo overage fee
SpectrumNo overage fee
Sparklight$10 for 100GB
RCNNo overage fee
FrontierNo overage fee
CenturyLinkNo overage fee
Buckeye$10 for 50GB

You can see from the above table that Mediacom is among the minority of companies that charge overage fees for their data. Other companies such as CenturyLink and Frontier offer truly unlimited broadband. So, this is something that you may wish to take into account when buying.

How much data should I buy?

If you have been wondering whether or not 200 GB is enough, the answer to that is; it depends on your usage. If you are into heavy streaming, then 200GB of data will not last you a week. You will need to get a higher priced packaged that offers more in terms of data.

Just to give an example, if you watch Netflix content, you will need about 1GB of data per hour! So, if you have 200 GB per month, it means you can watch Netflix for about 6 hours a day. That’s a lot you may think. But that’s only for a single person. And it assumes that you will only be using your internet for Netflix.

What if there are three people in your household, each of whom will be watching their own thing? It means you will have to get a lot more data. So, what you get is largely dependent on your level of usage. In most instances, 200 GB per month will be enough. But you may wish to get more if you are a heavy user.

How much does Mediacom charge for going over data limit: Summary

That’s the Mediacom overage fee. It’s $10 for $50 once you have exhausted your monthly allotment. Here is information on the Mediacom router’s admin login details. You may need the information for changing your WiFi password, among other activities that are carried out in router’s admin area.

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