How to Block a Stolen Phone on Telkom Mobile

Do you wish to learn how to block a stolen phone on Telkom mobile in South Africa? It’s an unfortunate fact that phones get stolen every day in South Africa. You will be lucky if you only lose your phone and not your life. Anyway, after the anger has run it’s course after a theft, one of the first things that you will need to do is to blacklist your stolen Telkom phone. Next, you will need to take steps to track your stolen Telkom mobile phone.

How to blacklist a stolen phone on Telkom

The following is what you need to do to block or blacklist a stole phone on Telkom mobile;

  1. Dial 081180 from any number.
  2. You can now talk to a Telkom agent. Inform the agent that your phone has been stolen and that you wish to have it blacklisted.
  3. You will be required to provide your phone number, national ID, address and the stolen phone’s IMEI.
  4. Get the customer support agent to provide you with an ITC number.
  5. The ITC number is important for reporting your phone stolen to the SAPS. And if your phone was insured, you will need to report to the police in order to get a case number. Only then can your insurance claim be processed.

Where do I get the IMEI on my Telkom phone?

We noted in the above instructions on how to blacklist a stolen phone on Telkom that you need to have your phone’s IMEI when making your report. But where do you get the IMEI? Well, the IMEI can be found on the box in which you bought your phone.

It’s also possible to retrieve your phone’s IMEI by dialing *#06#. Unfortunately, this method will no longer be useful in this particular case, simply because your phone will already have been stolen. So, you cannot retrieve the IMEI.

It’s wise, therefore, to always write down the IMEI on a new phone. You may also wish to retain the box which your phone was bought. This will act as reference in the event that you have lost your phone.

If you phone was registered on Google, you can also retrieve the IMEI by logging into your account, opening search and typing in find my phone. Next, click on Recover, and then click on the information button in front of your phone’s name.

How to Find a stolen Telkom Phone

In this final segment of this article, we show you how to find a stolen Telkom phone. The tips given here may work or they may not work. South African thieves are very clever. The first thing that they do is to turn off your phone. Then they flush it. But in the event that your phone is still on, the following is how to track it;

  • First, you need to sign into your Google account.
  • Next, open Google search and search for “find my phone.”
  • Click on Ring, to have your phone start ringing.
  • Click on Recover to take additional steps, such as wiping everything that’s on your phone. This would be useful if there were important documents, images or videos on your phone that you do not wish to have fall into the wrong hands. However, after erasing your phone, you will no longer be able to find it.

Why block a stolen Telkom phone?

There are a number of reasons for wanting to block your phone when it is stolen. As mentioned earlier, phone theft is a plague in South Africa. Blocking the phone removes part of the incentive for stealing phones. You can do it on Telkom, on Vodacom, on Cell C or on MTN.

We do need to point out that there are criminals in South Africa who are now able to assign new IMEI numbers to stolen phones, making them untraceable. So, blocking your phone may not work in a few instances.

You may also want to block a stolen phone and to have all the data on it wiped clean as a way of protecting yourself. Many people have sensitive stuff on their phones, and you don’t want to have yours fall into the wrong hands.

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