EarthLink Router Default Admin Username and Password

Are you looking for the default admin username and password to log into your EarthLink router? If yes, then this article is for you. EarthLink is one of the biggest internet companies in the United States. It currently has a presence in 48 states. The unique thing about EarthLink is that it works with various partners, including AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, Verizon, and Viasat, to bring internet to it’s customers. If you are on EarthLink, you may be looking for the default login details to get into your router’s admin section. That’s the information that we provide in this article;

EarthLink Router Default Login Details

The default EarthLink router admin username is admin. The default password is either admin or password. EarthLink is unique is that its customers get internet from a wide range of partner companies. Equipment in use, therefore, will depend on the company with which EarthLink has partnered you. The table below shows some of the most common routers and modems in use among EarthLink customers;

RouterDefault UsernameDefault Password
Actiontec C2000Aadminprinted on router label
ActionTec GT784WNadminpassword
ActionTec M1000 DSLadminpassword
Linksys E1000blankpassword
Netgear WGR614adminpassword
SmartRG SR360nadminadmin
SmartRG SR506nadminadmin
ZyXEL 660R-61blank1234
Zyxel C1000Z VDSL2admin1234/blank
Other routers/modemsread thisread this

What if the information provided here does not work?

Hopefully, the above EarthLink router default login list will be useful to you. However, you may encounter a number of challenges, leaving you unable to get into the admin console for your router. We have already noted that EarthLink partners with a wide range of companies to bring service to its customers.

The equipment that you have in your home or office will, therefore, be dependent on the company with which you have been partnered. You will notice that different companies use different routers and modems. For examples, check our our ATT router default username and password article. Also check out our CenturyLink router default admin username and password article.

These are two of companies in partnership with EarthLink. And you will notice that the routers and modems that they use are different. In reality, most routers will work on any network, through there tend to be limitations regarding speed.

But the login details for your particular router will be dependent on the equipment that you have. So, what do you do in the even that the information on our EarthLink router default login username and password list does not work?

Another situation that may arise is that somebody could already have changed the admin password on your EarthLink router. It’s advisable to do this the first time that you log in. That way, you will protect yourself.

You will have noticed that default router passwords are the same across the board. In most instances, they are admin or password. So, you need to change them to protect your network. But, what do you do if you are unable to log into your router using the EarthLink default username and password given above?

The default username and password for EarthLink router can be found on the router label

In reality, you didn’t actually need to spend your precious time hunting around the internet for the EarthLink router default login username and password. That’s because you already have this information quite near you.

Almost all routers and modems that are out there come with a router label. This can be found mostly underneath the device. Sometimes you will find the router label behind or on the side of the device. It all depends on the shape of the router.

The router label contains a lot of useful information, including on how to log into your router’s admin console. You will find the default EarthLink router username on the router label.

You will also find the default EarthLink router login password on the router label. The router label also contains your router’s default IP address. With this information, you will be able to log into your router’s admin section.

Reset your router if you are unable to log in

We have just noted that you may not be able to log into your EarthLink router using the default username and password because somebody could have already changed the password from the default. What do you do in that case? Does it mean you will no longer be able to use your router?

The good news is that there is a solution to this challenge. If you have previously changed your EarthLink router login password, only to forget the new password, you simply need to reset your router. That way, it will be returned to factory defaults. From there, you should be able to log in using the default EarthLink router username and password.

To reset your router, look for the reset button on the back of the device. It’s usually a pinhole button. So, you need to find something pointed with which to press on it. Press on the reset button for at least 15 seconds. The lights on your router will go off and on, indicating that the reset has been successful. From there, use the EarthLink router login username and password provided above to log in.

Why look for the EarthLink Router Username and Password

That’s the EarthLink router default admin username and password list. But why would you look for this information. In most instances, people never need to log into their routers admin dashboards. They are happy to go along with the default settings that they got when they got their systems.

However, there are instances where you may have to log into your EarthLink router’s admin console. Perhaps you wish to change your WiFi password. Or maybe you wish to change your WiFi name. These and other settings changes can only be done from the admin console. So, you need to get the EarthLink router default username and password.


In this article, we gave you the default login details for EarthLink routers. We noted that EarthLink has partnered with a number of companies to bring internet to its customers. Hopefully, you will find the default username and password for your EarthLink router on our list. If not, we showed you how to find the default login details for any router. You may also be interested in our Windstream router default username and password article.

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