AT&T Router Default Username and Password

What’s the default username and password for an AT&T router? AT&T is one of the giants on the telecoms scene in the U.S. The company’s customers, will probably need to log into their router’s at some point or the other. To do that, they need the ATT default router login details. We an article on how to change password on ATT WiFi. That’s an example of when the admin login information is required. So, what usernames and passwords do AT&T routers use?

Default ATT Router Username and Password

The default AT&T username is usually left blank. The default password for ATT routers is usually the device access code that’s printed on a label on the side of your router. In some instances, both the username and password are blank. You may also wish to try attadmin as your password. The table below gives you a complete list of the default usernames and passwords for all AT&T routers;

ATT Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
Motorola NVG589 Gatewayno usernameprinted on router
Motorola NVG510no usernameno password
Arris BGW210 Gatewayno usernameprinted on router
Arris NVG599no usernameprinted on router
Pace 5268 Gatewayno usernameno password
Pace 5031NVno usernameprinted on router
Pace 5168NVno usernameprinted on router
Pace 4111Nno usernameprinted on router
2Wire 3600HGVno usernameno password
2Wire 3800HGV-Bno usernameno password
2Wire i38HGno usernameno password
2Wire 3801HGVno usernameno password
2Wire 2701 HGV-B (Black)no usernameno password
Netgear 7550 B90adminpassword
Westell 327Wadminadmin

What if I have forgotten my ATT router password?

It’s advisable to always set a new admin password for your router upon logging in for the first time. That’s what the majority of people do. Unfortunately, most never bother to write their new passwords down. If you do this, you won’t be able to log into your router.

So, what do you do in the event that this has happened to you? Does it mean you can no longer get into the admin page for your ATT router to carry out whatever changes you are looking to make?

Reset your router

Fortunately, it’s still possible to get into your router’s admin section even after losing the default password. Losing you router’s admin login details is not the end. You simply need to reset your router. Below are the steps for doing so;

  • Turn on your ATT router.
  • Turn it around and find the reset button.
  • Use something pointed to press on the reset button for at least 15 seconds.
  • The lights on the device will flash off and on.
  • Log in with the AT&T router default username and password.

Why find the AT&T Router Default Username and Password?

Quite a number of people are looking for the AT&T Router Default Username and Password. But why is that the case? Well, there are a number of times when you may end up trying to find the ATT Router Default Username and Password.

Maybe you are looking to set a new password for your WiFi network. You could also be looking to reset your connection’s name. All these settings, and many more, can only be done from the ATT router admin console. Hence the need to find the ATT router default password.

Anyway, hope this article has been useful. Are you on Spectrum? Check out our default Spectrum router username and password article. If you are in the UK, please read our BT router username and password post.

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