How to Transfer Data From MTN to Cell C

Do you wish to find out how to transfer data from MTN to Cell C? If this is something that you are curious about, then you have come to the right place. The question being asked here is; can you transfer data from MTN to Cell C? You will find the answer below;

Can I Transfer Data from MTN to Cell C?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to transfer data from MTN to Cell C. That’s because these are 2 completely different companies. There are number of reasons why it’s impossible to share data between MTN and Cell C. For one thing, the 2 companies have different data charges.

As an example, 100 Rand on MTN will get you a different number of megabytes than what you will get for the same amount on Cell C. It’s would probably be theoretically possible to make the transfer, but this is not something that anybody has bothered setting up.

So, what can you do?

That’s how to transfer data from MTN to Cell C. We have just noted that it’s impossible to do so. So, what can you do? Well, you are probably here because you wish to send data to your friend, brother, mother or colleague. Perhaps they are in dire need. They need data on their phone, and you were looking to share what you have on yours.

Unfortunately, they are on a different network. You are on MTN and they are on Cell C. There could be a number of solutions here. You could simply buy and send them Cell C airtime so they can get their own data. Or maybe you could show them how to borrow airtime on Cell C.

That’s a handy facility. It allows people to get airtime on credit. So, if somebody that you know is stranded, there is the solution of simply borrowing data or airtime. From there, you will be able to keep communicating.

Another solution would be to be on the same network with those that matter to you. If you choose MTN, then you should all be on MTN. You can port to Cell C from MTN while keeping your number. Or the other way round.

If you choose CellC, then you and your friends and relatives should all be on the same network. That’s one good way that you can ensure that you take advantage of the promotions that are constantly being run by the mobile communications networks in South Africa. In most cases, these only apply to people on the same network.

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