How to Borrow Airtime from Cell C

Do you need to borrow airtime from Cell C? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Cell C is the third largest mobile communications company in South Africa. If you are one of the company’s customers, a time may come when you need to borrow airtime. So, how do you do it? How do you borrow Cell C airtime?

How to get emergency airtime on Cell C

To get emergency airtime on Cell C, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Go to your Cell C phone and dial *147#.
  2. Choose Emergency Recharge, which is first option on the list that appears.
  3. Follow the instructions that you get on screen.
  4. You can also borrow emergency airtime from Cell C through the self-service function on the company’s website.
  5. It’s also possible to borrow Cell C airtime via the Cell C app.

What’s the Cell C airtime credit code?

The code to borrow Cell airtime is *147#. That’s what you dial if you wish to get emergency credit from Cell C. Afterwards, you simply need to follow the onscreen prompts to get the required credit.

Does the service cost anything?

Yes, borrowing airtime from Cell C costs you R1. That’s the same amount that you get charged when you borrow airtime from Vodacom and from Telkom. So, there are similarities here.

Paying back borrowed airtime

So, when are you expected to repay the airtime that you borrow from Cell C? Well, repayment will take place the next time that your recharge your phone. So, let’s say that you have borrowed R10. The next time that you recharge your phone, that amount will be deducted.

Just to clarify things; if you then recharge your phone with R20, R11 will be deducted and you will be left with R9. That’s the borrowed R10 plus the R1 service fee.

And if you recharge your phone with an amount that’s below the borrowed amount, all the recharged airtime will be seized. This will go on till you have repaid your dept. So, it’s not going to be possible for anybody to get away with non-payment of the borrowed airtime credit.

Can I use borrowed airtime for anything?

Yes, you can use the airtime that you borrow from Cell C for almost any transaction. However, this airtime cannot be used for premium content. Note, however, that you do not get bonuses and other benefits when you recharge using borrowed Cell C airtime.

Requirements to qualify to borrow airtime from Cell C

There are a number of conditions that you are going to have to meet to be able to borrow Cell C airtime;

  • You need to be either a Cell C Prepaid Customer or a Cell C TopUp customer.
  • If you have just bought your Cell C SIM, then you can forget about using this service. You need to have been on the network for at least 2 months for your to qualify.
  • You need to have recharged your phone with at least R20 in each of those 2 months.

How much can I borrow?

The amounts that you can borrow differ from one person to the other. It depends on the amount of airtime with which you have previously been topping up your phone. Those that recharge with more per month can borrow more. So, you need to spend more to be able to borrow more.

Can I borrow Cell C airtime before repaying previous amounts

What determines whether or not you can continue borrowing is your limit. You can actually get Cell C airtime on credit multiple times, as long as you stay within your set limit. So, let’s say your limit is R30. It means you can borrow airtime a number of times, as long as you stay within those limits. When it comes time to repay, you will repay the amount that you borrowed first.

Why borrow airtime in the first place?

There are several reasons why you may need to end up borrowing Cell C airtime credit. Perhaps you are stranded somewhere without a mean to recharge you phone. We have previously written on how to do a Cell C airtime transfer. This is an extension of some of those services that we are always noting are almost purely African. We are a people that like to share. In fact, we share whether we like it or not! So, with this facility, you know that you will never be stranded.

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