How to Borrow Airtime from MTN

Do you need to borrow MTN airtime? If yes, then this article is for you. Borrowing airtime is one of those services that not many people ever think about under normal circumstances. But it becomes rather important if you are stranded with no way to reach out to friends and family. Of course, you can always send an MTN please call. However, that doesn’t give you the flexibility that you get from borrowing airtime. So, how do you borrow airtime from MTN?

How to Get MTN Airtime on Credit

MTN has a service called MTN Xtra Time under which customers can borrow airtime. The following is how to borrow MTN airtime;

  1. On your MTN phone, dial *136*2#.
  2. In the options that come up, select Xtra Time.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to get your airtime credit.
  4. You will receive notification that you have successfully gotten airtime on credit from MTN.

How much airtime can I borrow on MTN?

The amount of airtime that various networks in South Africa allow people to borrow varies. On MTN, you can borrow up to R50. That’s dependent on a number of factors, however.

What is the code for borrowing MTN airtime?

The code for borrowing airtime from MTN is *136*2#.

Can I convert borrowed airtime to data?

Yes, you can convert the airtime that you borrow from MTN into data. All that you need to do is dial *136*6#. Follow the instructions that come up.

Who is the service available to?

Only MTN Pay as You Go and Top Up customers can benefit from this service. However, even if you are a customer, you are going to have to meet certain requirements.

What can this airtime be used for?

We have already noted that you can use the airtime that you borrow from MTN to buy data. The following are some of the services for which this airtime can also be used;

  • You can make calls.
  • Borrowed MTN airtime can be used for sending SMSs.
  • You can buy premium services.
  • This airtime can be transferred to other MTN customers.
  • You can make international calls.
  • You can browse the internet.

How much does it cost?

Each time you borrow airtime from MTN, you get charged R1. It doesn’t matter what amount you will be borrowing. The fee is the same. This fee is similar to what’s charged by the other South African telecommunication companies such as Telkom and Vodacom.

When will I have to pay back?

The money that you borrow from MTN will be deducted from your account the next time that you recharge your SIM. Just to give an example, if you borrow R10, you will be required to repay R11. That includes the service fee.

If you do not recharge your phone with that amount on your next recharge, all the money that you have just put into your phone will be taken to service your debt. This will go on till you have repaid all the money that you have borrowed from MTN.

Can I borrow multiple times?

Yes, you can borrow MTN airtime multiple times, as long as you stay with the maximum limit of R50. So, you can borrow R10 today and R20 tomorrow.

Why MTN Xtra Time can be a lifesaver.

We have previously written an article in which we highlight how to send please call me back on MTN. We have also written on how to transfer airtime on MTN. These facilities tend to be very useful, particularly in Africa. We are a people who like to share. Sometimes we are forced to share whether we like it or not! It’s all part of being one happy family. So, the various networks in South Africa have extended the courtesy by allowing people to borrow airtime.

So you will never be stranded. We have previously written on how to borrow Vodacom airtime. We have also written on how to borrow Telkom airtime. The entire point is that you always have options when it comes to reaching out to friends and family. You have the option to send a please call if you run out of airtime.

You also have the option of having airtime transferred to you from another person on the same network. Finally, should all that fail, you have the option to borrow airtime. As noted earlier, this final option is actually the best since you are able to do anything you want with the airtime. It’s just like normal airtime, save for the fact that you don’t get any promo points and such. But then those are just gimmicks, right?

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