How to Transfer MTN Airtime South Africa

Do you need to transfer airtime from one MTN number in South Africa to another? If yes, then this article will show you how to do it. Airtime transfers are, without doubt, something of an almost purely African experience. They are an expression of who we are as a people. We like to share with friends and family, no matter how far apart we may be. In this article, we show you how to recharge another MTN number from your own credit in South Africa. In the process, we also give you the MTN airtime transfer code for South Africa.

MTN Transfer Airtime Step by Step Guide

The following is how to transfer airtime MTN to MTN for people in South Africa;

  1. On your MTN phone, dial *136*6328*recipient’s number* amount#
  2. Alternatively, you can dial *136*3#
  3. From there, follow the prompts to transfer credit to another MTN South Africa number.

You can also use the service to transfer

Note that the recipient’s number needs to be another MTN number. The MTN to MTN credit sharing facility falls under what the company terms the Me2U service. Please note that the service is not limited to airtime transfers. You can share a lot of things with friends and family, including SMSs and data bundles. The process for doing an MTN internet bundles transfer is the same as in above. You just need to choose the right options.

What’s the MTN Airtime Transfer Code for South Africa?

The code to transfer airtime on MTN in South Africa is; *136*6328*recipient’s number* amount#

What’s the minimum for recharging another MTN number from your credit?

The minimum amount of airtime that you can transfer from your phone to another MTN number is R2. But that’s probably not going to be enough for anyone to do any calling, so you need to send a bit more.

Which MTN Customers can do credit transfers?

We sometimes get asked whether MTN Contract customers in South Africa can do airtime transfers? The answer is yes. The service is open to MTN Contract, MTN PayAsYouGo, MTN Anytime TopUp and MTN Off peak top-up customers. So, it’s pretty much open to every MTN customer.

Why go through the trouble

We have already alluded to this in the introduction. While carrying out research, we discovered that Africa dominates search results for people looking to do credit transfers. It’s not only for MTN. It’s for every network in Africa and in South Africa. We have previously written on how to do a Vodacom to Vodacom airtime transfer. We have also written about doing Airtime transfers for Econet in Zimbabwe.

So, this service is a reflection of our Africanness. We are happiest, or unhappiest when sharing with friends and family. Whatever it is, we do it because it’s in our very DNA. That’s why MTN transfer airtime, is such a sought after keyword. If your brother is stranded on the other side of the country and needs to talk with his girlfriend, you can simply send him credit from your own phone. Anyway, hope this article will help you transfer airtime MTN. Simply keep the code to transfer airtime on MTN in mind, and you should be fine. Please share and leave a comment below.

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