Windstream Router Default Admin Username and Password

You are here because you wish to get the default login username and password for a Windstream router. Windstream is a major ADSL provider in some U.S states. Customers sometimes need to log into the routers’ admin sections. In this article, we take a look at the Windstream default login settings for all routers being used across the network.

Windstream Router Default Login Details

The login username for the majority Windstream routers is admin. The default password is either admin or can be on a sticker on the router’s back or bottom. Windstream mainly uses routers from Actiontec and Sagem. However, it’s possible for anyone to use their own router. Should you have decided to do so, you can find the default admin username and password for your Windstream router by following these tips;

Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
Actiontec T3200adminsee sticker on router
Sagem 1704Nadminadmin
Sagem 4320adminadmin
Sagem 2705adminsee label on router
Other routerssee router labelsee router label

What if I use my own router?

Some people would rather not use the routers that are provided by Windstream. That’s alright. Perhaps you have a router that’s faster than the ones that are given above. Or maybe you don’t wish to pay the $9.99 monthly router rental fee that’s charged by Windstream.

In that case, it’s logical for you to use your own modem/router. However, we may not have covered your particular router in this article. There are thousands of modem manufacturers out there. It’s impossible to cover them all. So, what’s the best course of action should this situation befall you?

Find the necessary login details on the router label

Contrary to what you may have thought, finding the Windstream router default login details is actually very easy. Simply look for the router label on the device. That’s where you should find the information that you are looking for. Almost all routers have these stickers on which the required information is printed.

There, you will be able to get the information that you are looking for regarding the default password for your router. You will also find information regarding the default username for the router/modem that you are using. There is also other information, including the router’s MAC address. Also there is the default IP address on the router label.

You won’t get support from Windstream

This article gives you Windstream router default login details. It’s meant for people who are using officially provided routers and modems from Windstream. If you use official equipment, you will be able to get help from Support regarding your router.

The same, however, cannot be said if you use your own router. You will get the basic settings, but Windstream Support may not be able to walk you through installation of your router.

Reset your device if the Windstream router default username and password do not work

This particular post covered all the official Windstream routers. We gave you the Windstream router default login in the above table. But, you it is possible that all the information provided here does not work as planned. Perhaps you have previously changed your router’s admin password.

What’s the recourse in that case? Does it mean it’s now impossible for you to access the router’s admin console? As it turns out, things are not as dire. You can recover by simply resetting your router. Most routers that are in use across the globe have reset buttons.

These are pinhole buttons. You need something pointed to press on the reset button. Keep pressing for a minimum of 15 seconds. The router now turns off and on. At the end of this process, it will be possible access your Windstream router’s admin console with the default username and password given in this article.

Why look for the Windstream Router Default Username and Password?

Those are the Windstream router default login details. But what’s the reason for going through all this trouble? Most people, it has to be said, go through life without ever having to access their routers’ admin consoles. However, for some, there are reasons for wanting to know how to go in.

Changes are high that you are looking to change your WiFi name. It’s also possible that you need to change your WiFi password. There are plenty of other reasons for trying to find the Windstream default router password and username. Whatever your reason, you will need the Windstream default username and password to gain access into your router’s admin console.


This post was dedicated to showing you the Windstream router default login username and password. Are you Cox? If yes, then read our article on the default login details for Cox routers. For CenturyLink customers, we have a CenturyLink router default username and password post. Spread the love by sharing this article.

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