How to Transfer Cell C Airtime

Do you need to transfer airtime from one Cell C number to another? If yes, then we will show you how to do it in this article. The ability to transfer credit between phones is one of those services that are almost purely African. You won’t find the service in many other places around the globe! Perhaps, it has to do with our qualities as Africans. We are one big family, and airtime transfers are one of the ways through which we exhibit that quality. So, how do you do a Cell C airtime transfer?

How to transfer credit to another Cell C number

The following is how to transfer airtime from one Cell C number to another;

  1. Go to your phone and dial *147#.
  2. Choose the option; Activate Airtime Share and start sharing airtime.
  3. Choose the amount of credit to be shared. Note that you have the option to share R5, R10, R20 and R30.
  4. Enter the Cell C number to which you wish to send airtime.
  5. Confirm that you wish for the transaction to go ahead.
  6. You will now receive notification that the transfer of airtime was a success.

What’s the Cell C airtime transfer code?

The code to transfer airtime on Cell C is *147#. Once you have dialed that, follow the on screen prompts to send airtime from your phone to another phone that’s on the Cell C network. Note that this code is only for those wishing to send airtime to other Cell C customers. If you wish to send to someone on another network, then you are going to have to find some other ways of doing it.

Which Cell C customers can transfer credit?

The Cell C credit transfer service is open to Cell C Top up customers as well as Cell C Prepaid customers.

Why is this service necessary?

We have already noted that the ability to transfer credit between mobile numbers on the same network is somewhat unique to Africa. It’s particularly prevalent in Southern Africa. Here, the family is often very big. The good thing is that we all take care of one another. That includes looking out for friends and family in times of need. If you have airtime in your phone and your friend does not, it’s a simple matter of sending them some of your own credit. The same applies for your parents, and other relatives. It’s easy enough to share what we have.

We have previously shown how to transfer credit on NetOne in Zimbabwe. This shows that this service is not limited to South Africa. In fact, people in Nigeria, Zambia and elsewhere are on the hunt for this service. Anyway, hope this article has show you how to properly do a Cell C to Cell C airtime transfer. We have also shown you the Cell C airtime transfer code. So, what do you think? We love hearing from you. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below and we will get back to you. Have a very good day.

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