How to Transfer Cell C Airtime to Vodacom

Do you wish to learn how to transfer Cell C airtime to Vodacom? Cell C is the third biggest mobile communications company in South Africa. Vodacom is the biggest. As a Cell C customer, a time may come when you need to send airtime from your phone to someone on Vodacom? So, how do you do it? Can you even transfer airtime from Cell C to Vodacom? Find out in this article;

Can you transfer airtime from Cell C to Vodacom?

Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to transfer airtime from Cell C to Vodacom. Airtime can only be send from Cell C to Cell C. However, there are a number of possible solutions to this dilemma. You may wish to explore them by reading the section below.

Why cant you send Cell C airtime to Vodacom?

There are a number of possible reasons why it’s currently not possible to transfer Cell C airtime to Vodacom. For one thing, these are 2 distinct networks. It would probably be difficult to align their systems.

Not impossible, but difficult. Just consider that each network charges different rates and you will understand what we mean. What you get for R50 at Vodacom is different from what you get from Cell C.

There is also no regulatory requirement for networks in South African to allow for the sharing of airtime between them. Currently, the only regulation is for data and airtime to people on the same network. That’s mandated by ICASA.

What possible solutions are there?

There are a number of possible solutions to those looking at how to transfer Cell C airtime to Vodacom. Some of these solutions are more drastic than others. First, you could buy Vodacom airtime from the nearest street corner. Airtime is sold everywhere, so you shouldn’t have problems here. From there, you can send the scratch card number to your intended recipient via SMS.

Another solution would be to use any of the available money transfer solutions to get cash to the other person. A good method would be to use mobile money transfers. This is a somewhat drastic solution. But if you send the money, the person to who you are donating can then buy their own airtime.

Money transfer hasn’t really taken off in South Africa. It’s expected to rise on the back of Covid 19. But mobile money transfer still lags behind the rest of the continent. There are countries in Africa where virtually everyone uses mobile money.

You could also get people who are close to you on the same network. In this case we are talking about you being on Cell C and the other person being on Vodacom. So, you can get the person to port from Vodacom to Cell C.

That’s easy enough to do. The advantage of this is that people who are porting get to keep their numbers. That translates into a lot of convenience. Porting doesn’t take time. You can be done in a day or two.

But it has the advantage that you can then send airtime to your recipients on the same network without an issue. That facility has always been there. You also benefit from the many deals to people calling on the same network.

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