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  1. I used your service to transfer money from Gweru to Harare on 25.08.20. The experience was so bad. Up to now I have not received a text message to confirm that the money was sent. I have visited the branch twice with no joy. The numbers that were given to me on registration turned out to be non-existent.

    1. Hey. Sorry for your experience. We are actually not Mukuru. We are just a blogging site. However, I can sympathize with you. Part of the challenge these days is the lockdown. It’s difficult to pin people down. I had a torrid time getting money from World Remit because most outlets do not have any money. And those that have are doing some crockery of saying we only give to those below a certain amount. Anyway, back to your issue, you should probably go back to the outlet where you sent the money. Maybe some mistake was made somewhere.

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