Viasat Router Default Username and Password

Need to find the default username and password for your Viasat router? Viasat is a major providers of Satellite broadband in North America. Viasat customers get routers from the company. Sometimes there is need to log into these routers. That can only be done if you have the admin login information for your Viasat router.

Viasat Router Default Login Details

The Viasat default router login username is admin. Meanwhile, the Viasat router admin password can be found printed on the label on the bottom of the device. Viasat uses the WiFi Gateway Modem for its customers. It’s possible, however, for anyone to use their own router or modem on the network. Are you one of these people? Go through this tip to see how to find the login data for any router.

RouterDefault UsernameDefault Password
Viasat WiFi Gatewayadminprinted on router label
Other routerssee label on routersee label on router

What if the above Viasat router login password

Hopefully, the information given above has helped you log into your Viasat router’s admin dashboard. But there are instances where the Viasat router default username and password given above could fail to work.

Maybe your Viasat router password has already been changed. Is there a solution should that turn out to be the case? Or, does that mean you can kiss goodbye to any idea of getting into your router’s backend? Well, there are some things that you can do to remedy this situation;

Find the correct login details for your Viasat modem on the router label

Each router that’s in use across the world has the pertinent information printed on a label. The label can usually be found underneath the router. Sometimes, it is located on the side or behind the device.

So, before you even got here, you could have found the information that you are looking for on the label. The label has the Viasat default router login username. It also contains the Viasat router password.

There is other information on there, such as the default web address for the router. This is usually given as an IP address. All this information is needed for getting into your router.

This tip also applies to those that are using their own routers on Viasat. If you fall into that category, logging into your router is a simple matter of checking on the label that’s on the router.

Reset your router if this information does not work

If someone has already changed the default Viasat router password, you may need to reset the device in order to get into your Viasat router.

Changing the password from the defaults is sometimes necessary, particularly in cases where the passwords are the same across the board. On most routers, both the username and password are admin, making it easy for hackers to log in.

To reset your router, simply find the reset button. It’s usually on the back. Push on the button with something pointed for 15 seconds minimum. Your Viasat WiFi Gateway Modem will now cycle off and on. You can now log in with the Viasat router default login username and password.

Why look for the Viasat router password?

That’s the Viasat default router login username and password. But is there a reason for bothering to find this information. To be frank, the information provided here is unnecessary in most instances. You probably won’t need to sign into your router. That’s the case if you are happy enough going with the default settings.

However, it may come to pass that you will be looking for the Viasat router default username and password. Probably you have come up with an amazing new name for your WiFi.

Maybe a neighbor has cracked your WiFi password and you wish to change it. To perform these and other tasks, it’s imperative that you first find the default login details for your Viasat router.

One you have gathered this information, it will be easy for you to find your way into the admin console. There, you can make any changes that you are looking to make. Take care, however, to ensure that you do not change anything that will damage your connectivity.


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