Current ZINARA Tollgate Fees

The prevailing ZINARA tollgate fees have just been adjusted in May 2022! Please note that you can now pay at tollgates using foreign currency. That includes USDs, Rands and Pulas. That’s on top of the ZWL that has been in use all along. If you are looking to travel to some part of the country, the tollgate fees that are given in this article are the ones that are now prevailing. This information is useful in that it allows you to know exactly how many “Masaga”, passengers, you need to pick up along the way so they can pick the tab on those tollgate fees. So, what are the current ZINARA toll gate fees?

ZINARA Tollgate fees

  • The current ZINARA tollgate fee for light motor vehicles stands at $520.
  • The toll gate fee for commuter omnibuses stands at $780 in Zimbabwe.
  • Buses, on the other hand, can expect to pay $1040 at ZINARA toll gates.
  • Heavy vehicles are charged $1300 as toll fees in Zimbabwe.
  • Haulage trucks need to pay $10400 at toll gates in Zimbabwe.

Zinara Tollgate Fees table

The table below shows the current ZINARA tollgate fees for Zimbabwe in the ZWL, USD, Rand and Pula currencies. Please note that the ZWL component can change at any time depending on the performance of the local currency against the USD on the official market.

Vehicle ClassZWL
Zinara tollgate charges
Zinara Toll Fees
toll fee
Zinara tollgate charges
Motor cyclesNilNilNilNil
Light motor vehicles$520USD2 ZAR30BWP20
Commuter omnibuses$780USD3 ZAR45BWP30
Heavy vehicles$1300USD5 ZAR75BWP50
Haulage trucks$2600USD10 ZAR150BWP100

Note that the amounts given above are in the local ZWL bond currency. To be fair, when they were introduced, they appeared to be rather frightening. However, if you do the Maths at the current, ahem, parallel market exchange rates, you will discover that ZINARA tollgates are pretty affordable. At the current rate, as an example, $100 bond is no more than USD 1.

The $820 that is being paid by haulage trucks is no more than USD6. That is pretty affordable. There had previously been worries that the increase in ZINARA tollgate fees would force haulage trucks to use alternative routes, thus depriving the country of much needed revenue. Anyway, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have anything to say. And feel free to share this article on social media.

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