How much is the Penalty for late Payment of Vehicle License in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, one of the things that you need to do religiously, if you are a vehicle owner, is make vehicle license payments. The payments are made every term, with the year being divided into three terms of four months each. What this means is that every four months, you actually need to pay your vehicle license fees. But what happens should you, for some reason, fail to make your payments? What’s the fine for late Payment of Vehicle license fees in Zimbabwe?

Composition of Vehicle License Fees

  • Radio license
  • Vehicle license
  • Insurance

How much is the fine for late Payment of Vehicle License fees in Zimbabwe?

Getting penalized for late payment is something that most motorists are afraid of. That, and the overwhelming presence of the police on the roads used to terrorize car owners across the country. The good news is that the penalty for late payment of the vehicle license fees is not that much.

You are only required to pay $10 as the fine for late Payment of Vehicle License fees in Zimbabwe. And this only comes into play should you miss a whole month of payments. Of course, this fee is liable to change at any moment, but at the moment, it remains at  a fixed $10.

How much is the radio licence fee in Zimbabwe?

In Zimbabwe, motorists pay $10 per term as radio license fees. This means that you actually need to pay $30 every year. Radio licenses are not something that many are willing to pay, but you will find that you will have peace of mind by just paying the $10. That way, you wont have to argue with the police and ZBC licence inspectors at every stop.

How much is the insurance?

Insurance costs in Zimbabwe vary, depending on whether or not you choose to get third party insurance or full cover. For third party insurance, the fee for light vehicles is $30 or so. Of course, you may get some companies selling this product for more or less this amount.

How much is the vehicle licensing fee in Zimbabwe?

The vehicle license fees in Zimbabwe stands at $20 for light vehicles. Again, this is an amount that is liable to change at any moment, considering the fluid macro-economic environment in the country. The amounts that you are required to pay have not changed in spite of the price increases that have been taking place across the board in the country.

The importance of making your payment on time

Though the penalty for late payment may not be that much, its important for all motorists to ensure that they have settled their vehicle licensing fees on time. Should you be involved in an accident at a time that you are not insurance, you will find yourself having to settle all the liabilities. This is something that you will wish to avoid at all costs, otherwise a simple accident may end up ruining your life for the simple fact that vehicles have become so expensive to repair.


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