How to Dial TelOne’s New Area Codes

TelOne introduced, on the 1st of July 2018, new dialing codes across Zimbabwe. This changed the way in which landline numbers are dialed. One of the things that we have noticed is that people have been having challenges using the new Telone area codes. The thing to note is that your TelOne landline number has not changed. What has changed is the area code. So, how do you dial TelOne’s new area codes? Here is how to dial TelOne’s new area codes;

How to dial a Harare landline number

When dialing a Harare landline number, you dial 0242 followed by the existing number. Most people make the mistake of dialing only 024, followed by the existing number. This won’t work. You should include 2, which is the prefixing number.

How to dial TelOne’s new area code for Bulawayo

When dialing a Bulawayo landline using TelOne’s new area codes, you first dial 0292 followed by the existing number. Again, though the code for Bulawayo is 029, you need to dial the 2, which is the prefix in order to make the connection.

How to dial a Mutare TelOne Landline number

For Mutare, the new TelOne area code is 020. The prefix is 20. What this means is that when dialing a Mutare landline number under the new TelOne area codes system, you first need to dial 02020 followed by the existing number. If you only dial the area code, 020, leaving out the prefix, your call will not get through.

How to Dial a TelOne Masvingo Landline

Here is how to Dial TelOne’s New Area Codes for Masvingo; the area code in this case is 039. The prefix for Masvingo is 2, so to call a Masvingo landline number, all that you need to do is dial 0392 followed by the existing number. For Gutu, which is in Masvingo Province, the area code is still 039. However, the prefix for Gutu is 230. So, when dialing a Gutu number, you dial 039230, followed by the existing number.

How to dial the new TelOne area code for Gweru

The new TelOne area code for Gweru is 054. The prefix, as is the case with all major cities, is 2. So, when dialing a Mutare TelOne landline number, you dial 0542 followed by the existing number.

How to dial TelOne’s new area codes from outside the country

If you are calling a Zimbabwe landline from outside the country, then you also need to prefix the 263 country code. However, in this case, you skip the “0” in the area code. So, when dialing a Harare number from abroad, the number would look something like this;


The XXXXX in the above example would represent the existing number.

Download the rest of the Area Codes

Still need to learn more on How to Dial TelOne’s New Area Codes? Why not download a PDF that contains a list of all the TelOne’s new area codes. That should be useful if you make a number of calls each day across the country. To make life easy for you, you can simply print the document and have it on the wall near you.

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