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    1. Hey there. Best if you get in touch with TelOne on 0718 700 950. They will give you proper instructions. You can also get in touch with them using the chat section of their website. There is always someone there on standby to answer questions. But it shouldn’t be a big problem.

    1. Hey there. Thanks for reaching out. Please get hold of TelOne on WhatsApp number 0718 700 950. They are always online so they will easily help you. You can also get help using the chat section on their website.

  1. I have a tp-link mordem and the is refusing to connect, i think i mistakenly pressed the reset button on the mordem so now it needs me to set up a new password but i can’t connect to the site according to your steps…wat do i do?

  2. Hi I tried following those steps using the username and password admin but im failing to log in, i have contacted Telone but they do not respond, what do i do?

    1. Hey. Tell me what you router is. I mean the type. The instructions are for TP link. Telone is usually very responsive. So if they are not, it may be because of the COVID 19 situation. Admin is almost always the default login for WIFi routers of any type. Anyway, tell me what you have so I can do some research.

  3. I’m commenting from Byo. Good stuff. Your method works like charm. Thanks. I gave someone my password thinking they’ll keep it to themselves but to my surprise I saw the entire neighborhood lurking around my gate. I knew they were hotspotting. I didn’t like it and had to change the password.

  4. Hi there recently changed wifi password but the router isn’t connecting to internet.
    What can i do to make it connect?

    1. Did you reset the router at some point? If yes, then you need to get in touch with TelOne to get the correct settings. I don’t think changing the WiFi password has any effect on internet. Check if you still have data. Otherwise get in touch with TelOne. They are a tad slow these days in responding to faults, but that’s probably due to Covid

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