How to Pay DSTV using ECOCASH

Update 2020: If you are looking to pay DSTV using ECOCASH, the good news is that you can do so using the ECOCASH FCA Wallet. What you need to do is to first deposit money into your ECOCASH FCA Wallet. Make sure that you deposit enough for the DSTV bouquet to which you wish to subscribe, plus a few charges. Once you have money in your ECOCASH FCA Wallet, you then need to generate a Virtual Card Number (VCN).

You do this by switching into your FCA wallet and choosing the appropriate option. Once you have a VCN, you can then use the number to make an online DSTV payment. That’s how to pay DSTV via ECOCASH. If you are looking to pay for your DSTV via ECOCASH using bond notes, then you are in tough luck. There is no way of doing that. Hopefully, ECOCASH will soon make it possible to pay DSTV directly from the FCA Wallet Menu.

This is an query that is made a lot with regard to DSTV. With DSTV payments becoming more and more difficult for Zimbabweans who do not have access to forex, many people want to know whether or not it is possible to make their payments using Ecocash. The question is not that far fetched; not so long ago, it was possible to make DSTV payments online or via mobile money in Zimbabwe. Then the prevailing currency crisis set in and everything was turned on it’s head. So, is it still possible to Pay DSTV using ECOCASH while in Zimbabwe?

DSTV Payments cannot be made using Ordinary Ecocash accounts

The first thing that we can say is that DSTV payments can no longer be made using ordinary Ecocash accounts. The option to pay DSTV has also long been removed from the options that are available in Ecocash.

What if I have an Ecocash FCA Wallet?

In response to the decision by the government to separate ordinary and FCA accounts, Ecocash introduced the Ecocash FCA Wallet. In order to activate it, all that you need to do is take the steps that are outlined in this article.

The bad news for those that have activated their Ecocash FCA wallets, is that the option to make DSTV subscriptions is not yet available in the Ecocash FCA wallet menu. That, in our view, is something that ECOCASH needs to remedy urgently. It would be nice to be able to make your DSTV payments using the Ecocash FCA phone right off your phone.

Using the Ecocash Debit Card

You may not be aware that the Ecocash FCA wallet is actually linked to your Ecocash debit card. If you have that, then you can make online payments, including DSTV payments. So, in this regard, you can, indeed, pay DSTV via Ecocash.

Getting someone with a MasterCard or Visa card to make the payment for you

It is also possible for you to get someone who has a Visa or MasterCard card and to get them to make the DSTV payments on your behalf. You would then transfer the money to them at the prevailing rate via Ecocash. This is clearly a convoluted solution and not what you are looking for here.

Pay DSTV via Ecocash?

So, can you pay DSTV via Ecocash? The answer to the question is sadly no! Whether you have an ordinary Ecocash account or an FCA wallet, it’s still not possible for you to make your DSTV payments via ECOCASH.

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