How to Dial a Harare Landline Number

TelOne recently introduced new area codes across the country. The new TelOne area codes are something that we talk about in another article. This post focuses specifically on the new Harare TelOne code. Here, in any case, is how to Dial a Harare Landline Number;

What’s the new TelOne Area Code for Harare?

The new TelOne Harare Code is 024.

The Prefixing Number

Now, each TelOne area has a prefixing number. The following are the prefixing numbers for Harare;

  • Harare ————–2
  • Ruwa—————-213
  • Norton————–215
  • Acturus————-214
  • Beatrice————-2150
  • Chitungwiza———21

How to Dial a TelOne Harare Number

When dialing a Harare landline, you now need to use both the area code and the prefixing number. Many people make the mistake of only using the area code and forgetting the prefixing number. So, in order to dial a Harare landline number, all that you need to do is the following;

Dial the area code 024, followed by the prefixing number 2. This will give you something like 0242XXXXXX

If you are dialing a Ruwa number, the process is the same. Your number will appear as the following; 024213XXXXXX

That’s it. Now you know How to Dial a Harare Landline Number. Good Day.

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