What is Meant by 3rd Party Insurance Cover?

Once you have purchased your ex-jap and have had it shipped to Zimbabwe, you will discover that you  need to pay insurance for your car every term. Indeed, all vehicles on Zimbabwe’s roads are mandated to have insurance cover. The most popular form of vehicle insurance cover for motorists in Zimbabwe is what is referred to as “3rd party insurance.” But, what, you may be asking, is third party insurance?

What is 3rd party insurance?

The first thing that you need to understand is that there are 3 parties to an insurance claim. To begin with, there is the 1st party, who is yourself. Then there is the second party, who is your insurance company. Then there is the third party; the person or persons who may lay claims against you.

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance is, therefore, meant to protect you from claims by other individuals. This is important, as far as any country is concerned. Accidents happen on a daily basis, and it’s important for people to be protected from the reckless actions of others.

Whose vehicle does 3rd party insurance repair?

Lets assume that you are involved in an accident and you are the liable party. Perhaps you failed to stop at a traffic sign, or you were speeding, lost control and ended up in someone else’s living room. Should that be the case, then your third party insurance is supposed to cover your liabilities, by settling the claims that are made by the people that you have wronged. Your insurance is, therefore, supposed to repair the other car, or repair that wall into which you drove.

Does 3rd party insurance cover my vehicle?

As far as insurance cover is concerned, third party insurance is only concerned with damage to other people’s property. What this means is that your own property will not be replaced or repaired in the event of it being damaged in an accident for which you are liable. The other person’s car will get replaced or repaired, but this will not extend to your own vehicle.

The need for full coverage

If you are looking for insurance that covers damage to your vehicle, then you should opt for full cover. The advantage of being fully covered is that not only will liabilities to third parties be covered, but you will also get your property replaced should you be involved in an accident. Full cover covers a wide range of repairs on a vehicle, including replacing windshields.

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