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  1. Meter Number 37124846454
    l recently purchased 200 dollars prepaid and the transaction sailed through but it is failing to give me the token. SOS

    1. Hey. You may need to reach out to Ecocash on that one. The toll-free number for Ecocash is 114. Hopefully, they will be able to help.

  2. Meter number 14103874153 purchased 200dollars zesa but didnt get my token my nmber is ********

    1. Hey. Using ECOCASH, go through the process as if you are buying ZESA. At the end choose “View Token,” instead of “Buy Token.” That’s how you retrieve your ZESA token. Ie *151#, pin, make payment, regular payment, Zesa…, view token…. Kana zvaramba, then you probably need to reach out to ECOCASH for help.

  3. Just purchased electricity worth 300 on ecocash and l didnt get my token …meter no 14108609034 l cnt visit the econet shop due to whats currently happening in the country so please assist me

  4. i got my token but lost the phone before i got the chance to use it. now i am trying to retrieve but to no avail

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