How to Retrieve a ZESA Token on ECOCASH

ECOCASH, it has to be said, is something of a cultural phenomenon. It has vastly changed the way in which Zimbabweans interact and do business. However, for all the wonders of this mobile money transfer offering from Econet, ECOCASH is not infallible. If you have ever bought ZESA on the system, chances are high that you may, at one point or the other, have failed to receive your token. Fortunately, all is not lost, and it’s possible to retrieve ZESA tokens on ECOCASH. But how do you go about doing it?

Retrieving Missing ZESA Token on ECOCASH

If you have purchased your ZESA using the ECOCASH platform and your token is missing, you need to take the following steps to retrieve it;

  1. Dial *151# on your computer.
  2. Enter your ECOCASH PIN.
  3. Choose “Make Payment.”
  4. Choose “Regular Payment.”
  5. Choose “Pay ZESA.”
  6. Choose “View Token.”
  7. Enter your meter number.
  8. You will now receive your ZESA token.

If there are no ZESA tokens for the meter number that you typed in, you will receive notification to that effect. That could only happen, however, if you have not actually purchased a ZESA token from the ECOCASH platform. Otherwise, you won’t have a problem retrieving your token. The option is great news for people who may be worried that their ZESA tokens will go missing. From what I have seen, the option to retrieve a token can be found on all mobile money offerings. It’s also available if you buy your ZESA using your bank’s USSD.

What if I can’t retrieve your ZESA token?

If you have tried the above method of retrieving a ZESA token from the ECOCASH platform but still can’t find your token, then you are going to need to confirm that your purchase went through in the first place. You may need to visit the nearest ECOCASH shop for redress.

12 thoughts on “How to Retrieve a ZESA Token on ECOCASH”

  1. Meter Number 37124846454
    l recently purchased 200 dollars prepaid and the transaction sailed through but it is failing to give me the token. SOS

    • Hey. Using ECOCASH, go through the process as if you are buying ZESA. At the end choose “View Token,” instead of “Buy Token.” That’s how you retrieve your ZESA token. Ie *151#, pin, make payment, regular payment, Zesa…, view token…. Kana zvaramba, then you probably need to reach out to ECOCASH for help.

  2. Just purchased electricity worth 300 on ecocash and l didnt get my token …meter no 14108609034 l cnt visit the econet shop due to whats currently happening in the country so please assist me

  3. I bought Zesa token via ecocash and did not receive it and I tried to view the token there’s nothing. My number is 0775321241 meter number 37123048854
    Date 21 June 2022 amount 10000

  4. Hie team

    I purchased zesa token through the bank and I have received the token but the message just disappear so I wanted your assistance to know the number of units for 10k Rtgs which I paid.


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