How to Watch ZBC free on DSTV

Most people in the country haven’t been paying their DSTV subscriptions over the past few years due to incessant electricity shortages and unavailability of foreign currency. I can’t personally remember the last time I paid my DSTV subscription. It doesn’t really make financial sense, considering that, where I live, we only get electricity for a few hours in the dead of the night. However, a few days ago, I got into a situation where I wondered whether or not it is possible to watch ZBC free on DSTV.

ZTV Missing on DSTV

Before the electricity situation became worse, I used to skip some months on my DSTV payments. When that happened, I would still get ZTV, which was great! A few days ago, I got the shock of my life when the neighborhood didn’t experience load-shedding for an entire day! That got me dusting off my decoder in preparation for viewing.

Despite not having made a payment, I thought I was going to get ZBC TV on my DSTV decoder. However, that turned out not to be the case. No matter what I did, the only thing that I got was Channel 100, much to the annoyance of the entire family. Upon making further research, here is what I discovered;

  1. Quite a number of people wish to use their DSTV decoders to watch ZBC TV without making DSTV subscriptions.
  2. DSTV does not get ZTV for free. In fact, they pay to broadcast it using satellite. What’s supposed to happen is that you can only watch it when your account is active. 
  3. After your account has been disconnected, you SHOULD only have ZBC free on DSTV for a week.
  4. However, you sometimes continue to get ZTV even after going for over 6 months without payment. I can’t remember the last time I paid my own subscription. Yet ZBC TV comes and goes on my decoder.
  5. ZBC TV is a pay channel. Once DSTV services are disconnect, the channel also gets disconnected.

What it means?

Point is, you may continue to get ZTV free on DSTV even without settling your subscriptions. However, should the service suddenly stop, you are not going to be able to demand anything from anyone. If you go to DSTV’s Facebook page, you will discover that a lot of people have queries complaining that they are unable to watch ZBC free on DSTV. The reality is, DSTV does not have an obligation to bring ZTV when you have not made a payment. I don’t know about the timelines that I got from DSTV’s replies to queries on Facebook. I think I have previously had ZTV for many months even without subscribing to DSTV. Anyway, you cannot watch ZBC free on DSTV if your DSTV account has been suspended due to non payment. Hope I have answered all your ZTV not showing on DSTV queries. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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