Funny WiFi Name Ideas

The best name for a WiFi router that I ever came across was “Get your own WiFi.” It’s struck me as justified at the time, as I was in the middle of trying to find open WiFi networks in my neighborhood. To say to this day, I don’t know who the owner of that particular network was. I have since come across wackier WiFi names, but “get your own WiFi” still strikes me as highly poetic. Anyway, you are probably here because you are looking for the best WiFi name ideals for 2020. Well, you have come to the right place. In this article we show you how to give your WiFi network a proper and befitting name.

Should you be worried about your WiFi Name?

Truth of the matter is, the name that you give your WiFi does not really matter in the greater scheme of things. You can name your WiFi anything and nobody is going to assassinate you because of it. So, it’s not something that you should stress about. However, it’s a good opportunity to unleash the creativity that has been lying dormant in you for so long.

What’s the most common WiFi name?

 So, what’s the most common WiFi name in the world? To be fair, that’s a very difficult thing to determine. But chances are high that it will be somebody’s surname. Why? Well, because most people use their surnames as their WiFi names. In some parts of the world, having a home WiFi network in the home serves as a status symbol.

It’s a sign that people in that home have finally arrived. They have made it. Meanwhile, everybody else around them remains envious. They look at the WiFi people and they want to be just like them. And the WiFi people look at the poor people with disdain. They begin to wonder how and why they could have survived for so long without such a symbolic status symbol in their home. So, they give their WiFi networks names that tell everyone who exactly they are. So, if they are called Smith, the WiFi is creatively named Smith’s WiFi.

So, why “Get your own WiFi?”

In poorer parts of the world, the day after a household gets connected to WiFi, the entire neighborhood goes abuzz with excitement. It’s like they are all going to be connected on the same network. Men and women meet in the street and they ask one another;

Did you hear about the Smiths?


Oh, just that they now have WiFi in the home.

Really? I never knew anybody could afford that! So they can now watch YouTube in the home?

Yes. YouTube and a lot of other things. So, did you happen to get the password for their WiFi?

And so, here is the crux of the matter. Most people aspire to mooch on their neighbors by accessing their WiFi networks free of charge. The bolder types will knock on the door and boldly ask for the password.

We heard that you now have WiFi in your home? Can you give us the password? Our child of school needs to do his homework. There are some things that he needs to look up online.

Oh, I am expecting an email calling me to an interview for that job that I applied. You know, not that one. The other one! Anyway, I expect them to send me an email anytime soon. So, could I have the password to your WiFi so I can check my email from my home? Really, I don’t want to be a bother!

More good WiFi name ideas

So, “Get your own WiFi,” is by far the best WiFi name idea for 2020, but is it the only one? Well, in my experience trying to sneak into other people’s networks, I have encountered other good WiFi names out there. Another great one that I came across was “My WiFe.” Now, I don’t know why that particular person gave their network that name. And I don’t know what the wife, if they had any, thought about it. If it was me, I would have felt jealousy because clearly, here was someone equating a wife to a WiFi.

So, what does it say about the husband’s perception of his wife? Does it mean he loves her very much? Or does he think she can be as temperamental as a WiFi network. Anyway, that’s food for thought. Do you have any good WiFi names that you have come across? What was the best of them all? Feel free to leave a comment below if you have something to say. We love hearing from you. And yes, I did get my own WiFi. Eventually!

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