How to Change WiFi Password Converge

Are you looking to change the WiFi password for your Converge modem? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Converge is one of the most popular ISPs in the Philippines. Millions of people use the company for internet. If you are one of them, then you may be wondering how to change WiFi password Converge. Knowing how to do so is useful, as we will see later in this article. One thing to note is that Converge uses a number of routers. The main ones are Huawei , Fiberhome, ZTE and CISCO. These are the ones that are going to look at here. Depending on the router that you have, you can jump to the relevant section by clicking on the appropriate link below;

How to change WiFi password Converge Huawei

The following is are the steps for those looking to change the WiFi passwords for their Converge Huawei routers;

  1. Make sure that you computer is connected to the connected to your Converge Huawei moderm’s WiFi network.
  2. Open a browser on your computer and type in
  3. This takes you to your Huawei modem’s login page. Type in the default username, which is root.
  4. Type in the default password, which is admin or adminHW.
  5. You will now be taken into your router’s Dashboard. Go to WLAN.
  6. Choose either 2.4G or 5G Basic Network Setting, depending on the kind of network that you are using.
  7. From there, go to WPA PreSharedKey. That’s the password that you wish to change.
  8. Click on Apply when done.

How to change WiFi password Converge Fiberx

If you are a converge Fiberhome customer, the following is how to change the WiFi password for a Converge Fiberx modem;

  1. Turn on your computer and connect to your Converge Fiberhome WiFi network.
  2. Open a browser on your computer and type in
  3. You will now be taken into your modem’s login page.
  4. Type in the default username, which is user1 or user2.
  5. Next, type in the default password, which 12345 or user1234 or user12345.
  6. You will now be taken into your modem’s Dashboard.
  7. Next, click on Interface Setup.
  8. From there, you need to click on Wireless.
  9. You can now change WiFi password Converge Fiberx. You do this on the Pre-Shared Key section.
  10. Click on Save when done.

How to change WiFi password Converge ZTE

For those using Converge ZTE modems, the following is how to make Converge WIFi password changes;

  1. Make sure that your computer is connected to your ZTE router’s WiFi network.
  2. Open a browser and type in
  3. You will now be taken in to the router’s login page.
  4. Type in the default username, which is user.
  5. Type in the default password, which is also user.
  6. Next, you need to go to Network.
  7. From there, click on Security.
  8. You can now change the WPA Passphrase.
  9. Click on Submit when done.

How to change WiFi password Converge CISCO

If you are one of those people using Converge CISCO routers, the following is how to change WiFi password Converge CISCO;

  1. Connect your computer to your Converge WiFi network
  2. Open a browser and type in
  3. This takes you to your router’s admin login page.
  4. Next, you need to type in the username, which is cusadmin.
  5. You also need to type in the default router password. This will be printed on your modem and is a 9 digit number that begins with a 2.
  6. Click on the login button to proceed.
  7. This takes you into your modem’s Dashboard.
  8. Go to the Wireless tab.
  9. Next, you need to click on the Wireless Security tab.
  10. You will see that your Converge Cisco modem has 2 sections on which to change passwords.
  11. Go to the 2.4GHz Wireless Security section and change your Converge Cisco WiFi password. You do this in the field marked Pre-Shared Key.
  12. Next, go to the 5GHz Wireless Security section and change the WiFi password for your converge router. You do this on the section marked Pre-Shared Key.
  13. To complete changes to your Converge cisco modem’s WiFi password, click on Save Settings.
  14. Note that on CISCO 3825 and other modems, these steps may be slightly different. In your router Dashboard, you will need to go to Setup, then Quick Setup, then Pre-Shared Key. Change your password here and save the changes.

Important tips when changing Converge WiFi passwords

One thing that you will have noticed from the above tips is that Converge uses a lot of brands of modems or routers in the Philippines. This sometimes presents problems for some people. Converge WiFi change password tips that may work in some instances do not work in others. That’s simply because the hardware is different. But not to worry! We have already given you the change WiFi password Converge tips for the most commonly used modems. This problem is not limited to Converge. If you read our other articles on how to change WiFi password PLDT and how to change the WiFi password TelOne (Zimbabwe) you will realize that companies use a wide variety of routers. Anyway, the following are other tips to help make the job simpler;

Details will be printed on a sticker underneath your router

If you look underneath your router, chances are high that there will be a sticker containing all the details given here. What you want to do is to get into your router’s Dashboard. This is where you can make changes to your WiFi password. To do that, you need the default I.P for your router. Also required are the default username and password. Most routers have these printed on a sticker that’s stuck underneath the gadget. So, before you do anything else, check there.

Find you modem’s I.P address using Command Prompt cmd

Most people in the Philippines want to know how to find the default I.P addresses for their routers using Command Prompt. If you are one of these people, then this section will help you. Having this knowledge is really useful if you want to change password WiFi Converge. That’s because sometimes the default I.P addresses given above will not work. In that case, it’s a simple matter of using cmd to find the right I.P address for your Converge WiFi modem. To find your I.P address using command prompt, take the following steps;

  1. Simultaneously press on the Windows and on the keys on your computer’s keyboard.
  2. This opens a Run dialog box. Type in cmd and press on the OK button.
  3. In the Command Prompt window, type in ipconfig and press enter on your keyboard.
  4. You will find your router’s default I.P address under Default Gateway.

You should also change the router password

There are 2 sets of passwords involved here. This article has shown you how to change wifi password converge fiberx. We have also shown you how to change wifi password converge huawei and how to change WiFi password Converge Cisco. One thing to note is that you should also take the time to change the router password. As you may have noted, that’s not very secret. Routers mostly use the same default usernames and passwords. Should these fall into the wrong hands, you may have problems.

Lost your modem’s password? Do a reset to restore everything to defaults

One of the things that may have happened is you could have already changed your router admin password. Remember that that’s different from the WiFi password. The router password is for getting into your router’s Dashboard. Most people change this, as they rightly should to protect their routers from being hacked. However, some tend to forget their new passwords.

That’s probably because the router password is not needed that often. Anyway, if you have forgotten your admin password, you can restore it by pressing on the pin-hole button at the back of your modem. This restores the modem to it’s default settings. So, you will now be able to use the default password to get into your router Dashboard to change the WiFi password Converge.

Why Change WiFi Password for your Converge Modem

In this final section, we take a look at the motivation. Why should anyone in the Philippines bother learning how to change WiFi password Converge? Well there are a couple of reasons for doing this, as you will see below;

You do it to keep out annoying neighbors

This may seem like a funny thing to write about, but it’s actually a very serious problem. It’s funny in that most people bring it upon themselves. The moment they get WiFi in the home, they become friendly with the entire neighborhood. And then, like clockwork, the neighbors start dropping in with sad stories. Perhaps they need your WiFi password to check their mail from work.

Or they need it to help their child with homework. In reality, all they want to do is to check out the latest fail videos on YouTube and they are so measly that they are not willing to get their own WiFi. Anyway, before you know it, you will have been convinced to give your WiFi password to one or 2 neighbors. You get them to promise not to share the password with anyone.

But straight from your door, they go to their own friends and they share the password anyway. They also get these friends to promise not to share your WiFi password, but people are people. Before you know it, the entire neighborhood will be using your Converge WiFi. You will notice that something is wrong because your connection will suddenly become very slow. Or you will start running out of data real quick. Let’s face it, most people are looking to hack their neighbors’ WiFi and when they do that, they download a lot of useless videos that consume your data plan.

You do it as protection from hackers

This is the second reason for learning how to change converge WiFi password. The neighbors who steal your data are bad, but they are not as bad as hackers. Hackers are not just after your data plan. They want more. They want to steal your banking details and to spy on your family. Allowing them to get hold of your WiFi credentials is, therefore, a very bad idea. Hence you need to periodically change your WiFi password.


In this article, we have shown you how to change WiFi password on Converge modems. We noted that these changes are essential as a way of protecting yourself. We also noted that there may be slight differences in configurations depending on the type of router that you are using. Hope this information is useful. Please share when done.

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