Huawei Router Login Username and Password 2020

Are you looking for the default username and password for your Huawei router? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here is a comprehensive list of the usernames and passwords that can be found on Huawei routers and modems. Our list includes the password for the Huawei HG8245h. We also showcase the Huawei HG659 default password. With the list that we give here, you should be able to quickly and easily log into your Huawei router to change your WiFi name and password, among other things. Below we highlight some of the most sought after Huawei passwords. Click to jump to the relevant section.

Huawei Usernames and Passwords Full List

The following is the full list of Huawei usernames and passwords;

ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
AP6050DNadmin[email protected]
B3000admin admin 
B593admin admin 
B593s-22admin admin 
B660admin admin 
B660admin admin 
B681admin admin 
B683admin admin 
B683Vadmin admin 
B970admin blank 
BM625admin admin 
BM632admin admin 
BM635admin admin 
D100admin blank 
D105admin admin 
DR814admin admin 
E355admin admin 
E5172admin admin 
E5172s-920admin admin 
E5186s-22aadmin admin 
E5573sadmin admin 
E5577sadmin admin 
E5776admin admin 
E586admin admin 
E960admin blank 
EchoLife BM625admin admin 
EchoLife BM626admin admin 
EchoLife HG520badmin admin 
EchoLife HG520b Telmexuser user 
EchoLife HG520cadmin admin 
EchoLife HG520iadmin admin 
EchoLife HG520sadmin admin 
EchoLife HG520uadmin admin 
EchoLife HG520vadmin admin 
EchoLife HG521admin admin 
EchoLife HG523admin admin 
EchoLife HG532admin admin 
EchoLife HG532badmin admin 
EchoLife HG556aadmin admin 
EchoLife HG556avodafone vodafone 
Echolife HG8247Hroot admin 
EchoLife HG866root admin 
F2000admin same as WiFi key on back of router 
Flybox B970Admin admin 
HG232fadmin admin 
HG255sadmin superonline 
HG256sadmin admin 
HG510admin admin 
HG521cadmin 3bb 
HG530admin admin 
HG531admin admin 
HG531 V1admin admin 
HG532badmin admin 
HG532badmin admin 
HG532badmin admin 
HG532dadmin admin 
HG532euser user 
HG532fadmin admin 
HG532nadmin admin 
HG532sadmin admin 
HG533admin admin 
HG552eadmin admin 
HG553admin admin 
HG556avodafone vodafone 
HG556avodafone vodafone 
HG556avodafone vodafone 
HG55avodafone vodafone 
HG622admin admin 
HG622uadmin admin 
HG630admin 3bb 
HG630user HuaweiUser 
HG630user user 
HG630badmin admin 
HG655badmin admin 
HG655dadmin admin 
HG658user HuaweiUser  
HG658buser HuaweiUser 
HG658cvodafone vodafone 
HG658Gvodafone vodafone 
HG659admin admin 
HG659vodafone vodafone 
HG685cvodafone vodafone 
HG8245telecomadmin admintelecom 
HG8245Atelecomadmin admintelecom 
HG8245Hroot admin 
HG8245Htelecomadmin admintelecom 
HG8245Qdigicel digicel 
HG8245Ttelecomadmin admintelecom 
HG8247telecomadmin admintelecom 
HG8247Hroot admin 
HG8247Hroot admin 
R205none admin 
SMARTAX MT800admin admin 
SmartAX MT800admin admin 
Smartax MT841admin admin 
SmartAX MT880admin admin 
SmartAX MT880admin admin 
SmartAX MT880admin admin 
SmartAX MT880admin admin 
SmartAX MT880auser user 
SmartAX MT880aadmin admin 
SmartAX MT882admin admin 
SmartAX MT882admin admin 
SmartAX MT882admin admin 
WA1003Aadmin admin 
WS319admin admin
WS322admin admin
Full list of Huawei default usernames and passwords

Password for Huawei hg659 default password

THe default password for the Huawei HG659 is admin. The default username is also admin. If you are on the Vodafone network, bot the username and password are vodafone.

Why look for default Huawei Admin Password?

Hope you will be able to find your Huawei username and password in the above list. If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will hunt the information down for you. But why would you look for this information in the first place? As noted, a large chunk of people out there use Huawei for their internet. If you are one of these people, then you could end up looking for this information in the following circumstances;

You wish to change your WiFi password

This is probably the biggest reason why you may end up looking for the default Huawei username and password for you router. We have been writing quite a number of articles on the subject of changing WiFi passwords. We have previously written on How to Change WiFi Password on a ZTE Router.

We have also written on How to Change WiFi Password DLink. Those are the other major router manufacturers that you will be able to find out there. In all cases, it’s important for you to have the default login details for you to proceed. Without these details, you will not be able to go anywhere. You will not be able to change your WiFi password.

You wish to change your WiFi names

That’s another reason for looking for your default Huawei username and password. You need the information for you to change the name of your WiFi network. The path that you take in this regard is the same as above. Once you have logged into your router’s admin page, you will be able to change your network name.

You wish to set up your router

Another reason for looking for your Huawei admin username and password is if you wish to set up your WiFi network. Again, you need this information in order to get into the admin section of your router. In there, you will be able to play around with your settijngs.

What do you need to get into your router?

To get into the admin section for any router, there are certain things that you need. There is certain information that’s needed. Without this information, you will be stuck. That’s why you will find people looking for information on the default Huawei usernames and passwords. So, what do you need?

  • You need to have the default I.P address for your router.
  • You need to have the default username.
  • You also need to have the default password.

Where do I get the default Huawei username and password for my router?

Some people are looking for the Huawei Home Gateway default password. Others are looking for default Huawei router password. Whatever you are looking for, the good news is that this information is never far from you. In fact, there is probably no need for you to go to Google to look up your default Huawei admin password and username. The information is already before you. It can be found on a stickers that’s under your router. Sometimes it’s behind your router.

Huawei router admin password
Look for a sticker like this on your router

On this sticker, there is information relating to your router’s default I.P address. Sometimes this is given in the form of a web address. It’s the same thing. Next, there is information about the default admin usernamen for your Huawei router. Then there is information about the default Huawei modem password. With this information, you should then be able to log into your router’s admin page. Here, you can carry out whatever changes you wish to make.

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