How to Change WiFi Password DLink

Are you looking to change the WiFi password on your DLink router? If yes, then we will show you how to do it in this article. DLink is, without doubt, one of the most popular router manufacturers in the world. You will find D-Link routers in use across the globe, from India to the United Kingdom. So, how do you go about the process of changing the WIFi password on a D-Link router? In this article, we will cover the following;

DLink WiFi Password Change Steps

To change the WiFi password for your DLink router, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Connect your computer to the WiFi network on which you wish to do a password change.
  2. Open a browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge etc) on your computer and type into the address bar. Press enter when done.
  3. Next, you will be taken to a login page for your D-Link router’s admin section. Here, you will need to type in the default username and password.
  4. The default username for a DLink router is Admin.
  5. The default password for a DLink router is blank (don’t type in anything).
  6. You will now enter your router’s Settings page. Here, you need to click on Setup.
  7. In the left menu, click on Wireless Settings.
  8. Next, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Manual Wireless Network Setup.
  9. Next, scroll down the page to Wireless Security Mode.
  10. Go to Pre-Shared Key and change your WiFi password.
  11. When done, scroll to the top of the page and click on Save Settings.

Useful tips for those looking at how to change Dlink WiFi password

As mentioned, DLink routers are widely used for WiFi across the globe. One thing that you will notice, though, is that there are quite a number of WiFi router manufacturers out there. We have previously written on how to change Rogers WiFi passwords. We have also previously written about T.P Link. Et pour ceux en France nous vous avons montré comment changer mot de passe WiFi Orange.

DLink and TP Link are but two of the hundreds of router manufacturers out there. The challenge, when it comes to changing WiFi passwords, is that there is no standardized way through which this is done. True, if you know how to change the WiFi password on one device, you pretty much will have no trouble doing it on another. However, there are subtle differences that often confuse beginners. That is what this section is for. Its aim is to show you how to change the WiFi password on any router or modem.

Common steps when changing WiFi passwords

There are some steps that are common when changing WiFi passwords. The following are some of these steps;

  • You need to get into the router’s admin/settings page to make the change.
  • To do so, you need to have a default I.P.
  • You also need the default username.
  • Lastly, you need to have the default password.
  • In there, look for Pre-shared key or Password. Sometimes this can be found under Security or under Maintenance.

You can find your login details on a sticker on your DLink router

This is another useful bit of information as we show you how to change DLink WiFi password. We noted that there are many router manufacturers out there. DLink is but one of them. Another thing worth noting is that you may also discover that there are differences on how to change WiFi passwords even for routers from the same manufacturer! It’s all rather confusing. However, this should not worry you. As we have already stated, if you know how to do it on one device, then you shouldn’t have trouble doing it on others.

One thing that’s we need to mention here is that usually, manufacturers stick the default login details on the router itself. So, before you crack your heard because you don’t know what the default username, IP and password for your DLink router are, you need to simply check behind or at the bottom of the gadget. There, you should be able to find a sticker on which is printed all these details that you need to get into your router so you can do a password change.

You can reset your router if you have forgotten the password

Some people go through the trouble of also changing the password for logging into the router’s admin section. This is actually advisable, because default usernames and passwords tend to be commonly known, meaning somebody naughty could actually lock you out of your own WiFi. Anyway, the trouble emerges because not many people bother to remember their router passwords.

So, when the time comes for them to change the WiFi passwords for their DLink routers, they get stuck because they cannot get into the Admin section. Anyway, there is a simple solution to this. All that you need to do is to reset your Dlink router. That way, you will be able to get in using the default details. From there, you can then change the WiFi password for your Dlink modem. To do a reset on a DLink modem, simply turn the device around and press on the pinhole button at the back using a pin or whatever you can find that’s appropriate for the job.

Use CMD to find the default I.P

You can find all the default login details for your DLink router on a sticker on the back or under the device. We have already ascertained this. However, for the sake of knowledge, we will also tell you that you can find what your default I.P is using command prompt. This works whatever the router or modem you may be using in your home. To do so, all that you need to do is to open Command Prompt on your computer. Search for CMD and click on the command prompt icon. In command prompt, type in ipconfig. You will see the default I.P for your router in front of Default Gateway.

Choose a strong password for your DLink router

Still wish to learn more about how to change WiFi password DLink? One of the reasons why people change the WiFi passwords on their DLink routers is because they wish to get away from complicated default passwords. Unfortunately, some people replace these with simplistic passwords that are easy for hackers and neighbors to hack.

This is something that you should avoid at all cost. Otherwise, you are going to end up regretting your choice. So, learning how to change Dlink WiFi password would be incomplete without a little talk about choosing a strong password. The following tips should help you in this regard;

  • It’s more than likely that you are going to make your password readable. However, make it such that nobody that knows you will be able to hack into it. Some people use their names and birthdays, but that is hardly the right way to go. You should, instead, choose some word that you can remember that’s not connected to who you are.
  • Every password should be more than 10 characters long. Doing this is important because the longer a password is, the harder it is to break. You should never use a password that’s less than 8 characters long. The trouble is, people tend to look for simple passwords that they can remember. So, they don’t go for long passwords, which makes it easy for others to break into their WiFi networks.
  • You should have special characters in your DLink WiFi password. Special characters are such things such as $#@!!*)#*. Throwing these into your WiFi password makes it very difficult for anyone to break it, even if you have otherwise used something readable as you password.
  • Remember that WiFi passwords are case sensitive. What it means is that password is different from PassWord. So, to further strengthen your password, you should mix lower and upper cases in yours.

Consider hiding your WiFi network

This is another important tip that should help you as you learn how to change DLink WiFi password. We are still talking about WiFi security here. How do you further protect your network, aside from the use of a strong password?

Well, you can further protect yourself by hiding the WiFi network altogether. That way, neighbors and hackers won’t even be aware that you have internet in your home or notice. As such, they will not try to break into your network. You can learn how to hide the WiFi network on a Dlink router in this article.

Why bother changing DLink WiFi password?

This article would be incomplete without taking a brief look at the motivation. Why should you bother learning how to change the WiFi password on DLink router? Well, truth is, you should probably change your WiFi password every now and again, whatever the modem that you may be using. There are several reasons for doing this;

Change DLink WiFi password to get an uncomplicated password

This is something to which we have already alluded. What usually happens is that the default WiFi passwords that people get when they sign up for various internet deals are rather complicated. In many instances, they are composed of random letters, numbers and special characters. While that is secure, it can be difficult for anyone to remember. So, the first thing that most people do upon getting their WiFi is change the DLink WiFi passwords. That way, they can have passwords that are easy to remember while hopefully still being strong enough to withstand attempts at hacking.

Changing your WiFi password DLink keeps out the neighbors

Neighbors are a serious threat when it comes to WiFi networks. As a neighbor yourself, this is something with which you are probably very aware of. The moment someone nearby gets internet in their home, you start thinking about hacking into their network. If you think we are exaggerating, then consider that one of the most popular search terms in countries around the globe is; “how to hack into neighbors’ WiFi.”

Truth is, those good neighbors with which you have such good relations are actively trying to steal from you. This applies whether you are in India or in the United Kingdom. We were just reading about a person who was locked out of their own WiFi network by aneighbor. Now they were looking for ways in which to recover their network. So, this is a funny thing, but it happens.

Once you have gotten internet in your home, the neighbors become extra neighborly. They send their children to play with your children and to learn their names and birthdays. They are fully aware that people are lazy and they use their children’s names and birthdays as WiFi passwords. Some daring neighbors may even come directly to knock on your door. They claim that they are faced with one calamity or the other, which can only be resolved if you give them your WiFi password.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being generous. However, most people out there are on limited WiFi plans. So, if you hand over your WiFi password to your neighbors, you will discover that your internet will no longer be lasting the whole month. Instead, it will only be lasting a few days.

That’s because the moment people get free WiFi, they get motivated to download funny clips from YouTube. After all, they are not the ones paying for the internet. So, why should they worry about running out of data? Anyway, if do think that this is happening to you, you should know that it’s now time for you to learn how to change WiFi password DLink.

Change password to protect from hacking

If you search online today, you will come across many horrendous stories of people whose personal banking and other important details were stolen by hackers. Now, though neighbors are annoying, they are still our neighbors. All they want is to steal our data. They don’t really have other harmful intends. Hackers, on the other hand, are out to get you.

They are out to steal your life, if you are not careful. Go online today and you will discover that there are credit cards being sold. If you do not safeguard your internet, this could end up being you. And you will lose all your hard earned money. Thing is, WiFi routers tend to be rather vulnerable to hijacking. So, to prevent this, you should learn how to change DLink WiFi password.

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