How to Buy Africom Airtime Using ECOCASH

buy africom airtime using ecocash

Africom is one of the companies in the country that offer integrated voice, data and video solutions. To be frank, not many people are aware that Africom has mobile SIM cards. The company is the only one in Zimbabwe that uses the CDMA network. In the USA, companies that similarly do this are Sprint, Verizon. … Read more

Link your Kindle Paperwhite to Goodreads

link a kindle device to Goodreads

One of the things that you will discover, if you have recently purchased a Kindle Paperwhite, or any other Kindle device for that matter, is that you can now link your device to Goodreads. For those that are not in the know, Goodreads describes itself as a “social cataloguing,” website that gives individuals the ability … Read more

Paynet Suspends Service to Zimbabwean Banks

Paynet Zimbabwe has suspended services to Zimbabwean banks

For the second time this year, Paynet Zimbabwe has suspended service to Zimbabwean banks over non payment of fees. Visit the Paynet website today, and you will notice that all the banks there are marked as suspended. What does this mean? So, what happens when Paynet Zimbabwe suspends service to Zimbabwean banks? Well, it simply … Read more