Arris Default Username and Password

Are you looking for the default username and password for your Arris router? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Arris is one of the biggest names in internet equipment around the world. If you have their router in your home or office, a time may come when you need to access your router’s admin section. Below we give you a complete list of Arris default usernames and passwords;

Default login details for Arris Routers

The default Arris username is admin. Meanwhile,  the default password for Arris routers is usually password. Find the full list of Arris default usernames and passwords in the table below;

ModelDefault usernameDefault password

Why look for this information?

Why, why would anyone bother looking for the Arris default password? Well, there are several instances when you may find yourself having to look for this information;

  • Maybe you wish to change your WiFi name. In that case, you will need to log into your router’s admin section. That’s where you can make various changes. So, you need the default Arris password and username to get in there.
  • Perhaps you wish to change your WiFi password. Again, that’s done in the router’s admin section. So, you need your default Arris router login details to get in there.

Is there another way of finding this information?

The good news is that you don’t have to hunt far and wide in order to find the information that you are looking for. In most instances, the Arris default username and password can be found printed on a sticker on the device itself. Look underneath or on the side of the router. You will see a sticker that’s more or less like the one in the above screenshot.

You will notice that label has the information that you need in order to get into your router’s admin section. You get the default IP address as well as the default username and password. With this information, you should be able to easily get into your router’s dashboard to change whatever the settings that you may be looking to change.


In this article, we gave you the Arris default username and password. It was noted that they are usually admin and password, respectively.

We also noted that this information is required if you wish to log into the backend of your router. Perhaps you wish to change your WiFi password or to make some other change.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Please leave a comment below if you would like to say something. Meanwhile, check out our article on the default Huawei router username and password.

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