How to Send Call Back on Vodacom South Africa

Are you stranded without airtime? Have you been wondering how to send a please call me on Vodacom in South Africa. If yes, then this short article will show you how to do it. Most of the major mobile communications companies in Africa have the facility to send and receive call me backs. Along with the ability to send airtime, it’s one of those things that are mostly African. You wont find it in many other parts of the world. So, how is it done?

How to send please call me Vodacom

Vodacom South Africa customers can send call backs to other Vodacom customers by taking the following steps;

  • Dial *140*number#
  • The number is that of the recipient to whom who are sending the please call me back.
  • As an example, you can dial; *140*082163245#

Do call backs cost anything?

When you take the above steps, a message is immediately send to the Vodacom number that you specified in your please call. The message will say something like “such and such (your number) is asking you to call them back.” But does the process cost anything? The answer is NO! You don’t have to pay anything to send a call me back on Vodacom. If you were to be asked to pay something, it would defeat the entire process.

The reason why people send please calls is because they don’t have credit. Of course, some people will send you a call me back just because they think you are loaded with money and so they should not use their own credit to call you. But the reason for the facility is to help people when they are stranded.

How many call backs are allowed per day on Vodacom

The good news is that Vodacom allows you up to 10 call me backs per day. That’s probably more than enough for anybody. I mean, if you wish to send more than 10 call backs, then you are probably just being a nuisance. The point is, when you are stranded and you need to reach out to people, you can send a call back on Vodacom.

Don’t abuse the facility. Doing so is probably one of the reasons why some people resort to blocking call backs on their phones. They receive so many in a single day that the entire thing becomes a nuisance. Also check out our article on how to transfer airtime on Vodacom.

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